Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a challenging curriculum leading to Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees. The purpose of the department is to prepare well-educated biologists who will be competitive in their particular endeavor: medicine, health professions, and/or graduate school. The department also offers courses to meet the general education requirements for the natural sciences.


The Department of Mathematics serves the university in two major capacities. The department prepares mathematicians to serve in education and industry and/or enter advanced study in mathematics. In addition, the department meets the needs of the general student body by giving special attention to the areas of business, computer information systems, and the natural sciences. Courses are taught with the intent of increasing the understanding of the basic concepts of mathematics and improving competency in the application of these concepts to mathematical problem solving.

Engineering Science

The Engineering Science degree program offers liberal arts students a series of multidisciplinary courses which emphasize both understanding and integrated applications of engineering, science, technology (computer programming and graphics), and mathematical (STEM) concepts. The program is designed to prepare students either for immediate entry into the workforce as engineering assistants or for pursuit of bachelor’s or master’s degrees in specific engineering disciplines of their choice. The curriculum provides a broad foundation for such disciplines along with a liberal arts education which embraces a Christian worldview.

Physical Sciences

The Department of Physical Sciences includes the disciplines of chemistry, forensic science, geology, physical science and physics. It exists to enable students, science majors and non-majors alike, to develop a scientific literacy through: appreciation of the contributions of science to modern life; development of an awareness of measures necessary for personal safety and ecological responsibility; and development of a background of information in the physical science discipline studied.


The chemistry degree is recommended for students interested in attending pre-professional schools, graduate school in chemistry, or pharmacy school. It will also prepare students for careers in chemicals sales, research chemistry, chemistry instruction, lab technician, and product development.

Biochemistry Concentration

Chemistry with biochemistry concentration is recommended for students interested in attending pre-professional schools, graduate school in biochemistry, or pharmacy school. It is also recommended for students interested in working in the areas of pharmaceutical development and sales, and research chemistry. A biochemistry concentration can help prepare students for careers as lab technicians, product developers, marine biologists, and clinical chemists.

Pre-pharmacy Studies

This is an excellent preparatory curriculum for pharmacy school, as well as graduate studies in pharmacology, research, or work in the pharmaceutical industry. For the pre-professional requirements for entrance into pharmacy schools, students should consult with their academic advisors as to selection of courses for their areas of interest. Because entrance requirements into professional schools change from time to time, Howard Payne University cannot guarantee that it can offer every course required for entrance into all professional pharmacy school programs at all universities.

Forensic Science

The forensic science program seeks to integrate the areas of evidence and crime scene reconstruction including hands-on experience with field samples in a laboratory setting. Students will become familiar with scientific technologies and techniques in criminal investigations, and study actual unsolved or hypothetical criminal cases. Forensic science graduates will be fully prepared to obtain positions as laboratory scientists or investigators, or to procure admission to a graduate program.


Howard Payne University will offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in Texas pending the final approval of all appropriate accrediting organizations.

The mission of the School of Nursing is to educate baccalaureate nursing students in a Christ-centered academic community dedicated to excellence by developing the whole person for intellectual inquiry, personal and professional integrity, and service to God and humanity. The school of nursing will prepare entry-level practitioners of nursing whose personal, social, and nursing potentials have been developed to provide a foundation for continued learning and growth. The theoretical courses and clinical experiences are designed to assist nursing students in developing understanding and conceptual integration of the nursing role in today’s complex health care environment.