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Catherine Mullaney – NCCFI Nationals with SSB!

Catherine Mullaney is a recent graduate from Boylston, MA. She was an English major and a member of the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy. The Howard Payne University Speech and Debate Team – Student Speaker Bureau – is a group of students from all majors and disciplines at HPU who compete at intercollegiate speech and […]

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Rebekah Johnson – My London Experience

Rebekah Johnson is a senior majoring in History and Youth Ministry from Buda, TX. For more details on the HPU London studies program, visit Coming on this study abroad tour has been such an amazing opportunity. I had no idea what to expect when I got here, but from the moment I landed in […]

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“I saw the Queen today!”

Sometimes we live vicariously through others — like when your roommate decides to spend a semester studying in London, or Austria or Costa Rica. But there’s only so much stalking we can do of their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. As happy as you may be for your friend, there are only so many times you […]

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