Grievance Policy

If a student wishes to appeal accommodations that are currently in effect, he/she must adhere to the following guidelines:

Informal process:

Before a formal appeal may be filed the student must meet with the instructor to request changes and also contact the Learning Assistance Coordinator. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome, he or she must meet with the Dean of General Education to determine if a resolution can be reached. If the student is not satisfied with the action taken at the informal level, the student may file a formal complaint in accordance with the following procedures:

Formal Process:

If a resolution is not reached and the student desires to pursue the appeal, the student will state specifically the basis of the appeal in writing to the Provost and Chief Academic Officer of the University. The Provost will determine if the appeal does/does not meet the requirements of the policy. He/She will communicate the ruling in writing to the student. The decision rendered by the Provost will be final.