Temporary Academic Accommodations

Temporary disabilities include, but are not limited to, broken limbs, burns, post‐surgery recovery, and other similar conditions that temporarily impair or influence a student’s ability to fully participate in academic activities. Students with a temporary disability or injury are not considered disabled by the law. The University is not obligated to provide services to students with temporary, non‐chronic impairments that last less than three months and are not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990).

However, some support services may be provided to eligible students with temporary conditions.  Services are provided only for the duration of the functional limitations associated with the temporary disability. The eligibility process is the same for all students with disabilities.

Students with temporary disabilities who are requesting accommodations of any kind must complete and return the Request for Temporary Academic Accommodations form to the Office of Learning Assistance (OLA).  Supporting documentation must be submitted along with the request form.  The documentation should indicate the type of disability, severity, limitations, prognosis and estimated duration of the disabling condition.  It is also helpful to know any adverse side effects caused by medication and recommendations for accommodations.  The documentation should be recent and identify current limitations.  Additional documentation may be requested to verify the need for continued services after the estimated duration of the condition has expired.