Faculty Positions

Positions listed are for the Brownwood campus unless otherwise noted.

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Family Studies

Teach courses in Psychology and Family Studies for majors and non-majors (24-27 hours per academic year); maintain regularly scheduled weekly office hours; advise and mentor students; serve on committees as assigned.

Associate or Assistant Professor of Physical Science

The Associate or Assistant Professor of Physical Science will teach a full academic load consisting of 24-27 hours per nine-month academic year. Courses taught will depend on departmental need and the applicant’s experience and expertise.

Associate Professor/Professor of Kinesiology

Teach a full load (24-27 credit hours per academic year) in undergraduate students in courses including exercise physiology, exercise prescription, sport nutrition and core curriculum needs in the major (among kinesiology, biomechanics, and selected activity courses).

Professor of Education and Field Experience Coordinator

This job is a two-part assignment. Approximately 60% of the employee’s responsibilities will be coordinating and overseeing clinical teachers and overseeing of documentation for all field experience placements. The remaining 40% includes teaching responsibilities. Professor will teach approximately 12-15 hours per year.