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Daze of Payne (September 16-21)

  • All Day
  • Howard Payne University, Brownwood Texas

Daze of Payne started in 1920 and has been a yearly tradition since. The weeklong event is a fun way to get to know Howard Payne as well as fellow students. It is not mandatory that new students participate, but it is completely worth it. The HPU beanie that “littles” receive look like they are from the 1920s, and they are awesome.  The beanie is a tradition for all students and a point of pride for alumni. Students will also be assigned a fun costume to wear for the week!

At night, the students are treated to different events which include Beanie Bowling, Paynt Games and a surprise event.

Daze of Payne is a fun, messy and crazy week that allows students to make new friends, get to know Howard Payne better and be a part of a long-lasting tradition.

1000 Fisk Street

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