Street Party

Local Greek Recruitment (February 3-7)

  • All Day
  • Howard Payne University, Brownwood Texas

Greek Block Party – Monday, February 3rd: 7:00pm-9:00pm between Veda and Jennings. Come meet all our chapters!
Greek Info Night—Tuesday, February 4th: Jackson room 7:00pm-9:00pm. Learn more about each chapter’s values, dues, main events, and history then take some time to have conversations about this information with each group.
Interview Day—Thursday, February 6th: Each chapter will chose an on-campus location to have interviews.  This is your chance to ask the tough questions about why you should choose their group!
BID DAY! —Friday, February 7th: Today you receive the Bid to join a chapter here on campus, to accept your bid you will attend your first chapter social that evening! The chapter will let you  know details.

For more information about Greek Life and recruitment, download this brochure (PDF).





1000 Fisk Street

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