Dual Enrollment

Dual Credit NB Infographic May 2017

Dual Enrollment, also known as dual credit, is a program that allows qualifying students to take college-level classes before high school graduation. This program is for students with outstanding high school academic records, who demonstrate maturity and a willingness to perform work at a university level.
Students may be accepted into the Dual Enrollment program following their sophomore year of high school if the following conditions are met.

  • Complete the application for early admission
  • Provide an official high school transcript
  • Complete a computerized skills assessment in English, Reading and Mathematics and test into college level courses.
  • Submit full shot record and proof of current Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine.
  • Students in addition to the above tasks must obtain a signature from their respective high school verifying acceptance of coursework taken at HPU toward their high school graduation requirements. The level of prior preparation in high school, high school counselor recommendation and skills assessment will determine eligibility for enrollment in certain coursework at HPU.

Students interested in enrolling full-time at HPU following graduation from their high school must still complete the normal admission process for beginning, first-year students.

No advanced standing, such as CLEP will be allowed under this program. It can be evaluated for normal beginning, first-year admissions once the student has completed their high school diploma.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to reschedule each semester?

Yes. You do not have to complete the application each time, but you will need to complete the course selection page and obtain the signature of approval from your high school counselor or principal. You will also need to complete the financial settlement worksheet with payment each semester.

What can my student take?

Students may take 1000 or 2000 level courses (freshman/sophomore level) and meet any pre-requisites the course requires. Students also must take courses that are applicable to their high school requirements. Courses need to be applied towards required high school credit, not elective credits.

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