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3D printing: Scientists believe new technology, now taught at HPU, will change the world

lester towell with 3D printer for web(This article was originally published in the winter 2013-14 issue of the Link magazine)

BROWNWOOD – February 4, 2014 – “There isn’t an area of society that will not be touched in some way by the concept of 3D printing,” says Dr. Lester Towell, professor of computer information systems and chair of the department of computer information systems at HPU.

3D printers, such as the one recently acquired by the university, create three-dimensional objects by printing successive layers of a variety of materials including plastic, metal, ceramic and glass. The technology stands poised to change the world in which we live – scientists have already successfully printed biological matter, which could one day render organ transplant lists obsolete.

In between teaching a full course load and other responsibilities that come with being a faculty member and department chair, Dr. Towell can be found at the printer. The unit – small enough to fit on the corner of his desk – prints a material called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic.

Dr. Towell happily demonstrates the machine to faculty, staff and students as well as to groups and organizations outside the university. An undergraduate class, 3D Engineering Printing, was created around the technology.

“My hope is that it reignites interest in the STEM courses – science, technology, engineering and math,” says Dr. Towell. “I believe 3D printing is a fun way to pique the students’ curiosity in these subjects.”

Dr. Towell’s office is littered with the brightly colored plastic objects produced by the printer. Though they could easily be mistaken for toys, the items are proof of the machine’s capabilities.

“This, for example,” he says, holding up a plastic ball bearing, “was manufactured as one unit. That’s something that can’t be done with any other manufacturing process. The 3D printer takes away the need for assembly in this instance.”

Dr. Towell believes that 3D printing will eventually have an impact on society similar to that of the Internet.

“Regardless of the field, 3D printing is going to play a huge role,” he says. “It’s going to happen, and HPU is out in front of the pack.”


Photo cutline: Dr. Lester Towell demonstrates the university’s 3D printer.

HPU honors 237 for academic success during fall 2013 semester

BROWNWOOD – January 22, 2014 – Howard Payne University honored 237 students for academic success during the fall 2013 semester. Students must earn a 4.0 grade point average to be named to the President’s List, a 3.65-3.99 grade point average to be named to the Dean’s List and a 3.5-3.64 grade point average to be named to the Honor Roll for all courses attempted while earning not less than twelve semester credit hours of academic coursework during the fall semester.

Ryan Cade Smith, Dean’s List

Ruby Patricia Johnson, Honor Roll

Kaitlin Shawna Leslie, President’s List
Linsey Leeann Reed, President’s List

Whitney Nicole Turnacliff, Dean’s List

Allen Glenn Andrus, Dean’s List

Larissa K. Lynskey, President’s List

Jason Lee Disney, Honor Roll
Eric Michael Shempert, Dean’s List
Rebekah Elizabeth Weaver, President’s List

Steven Austin Mobley, Honor Roll

Sierra Maurette Damron, Dean’s List

Balch Springs
Edgar Villa, Honor Roll

Ely Chance Self, President’s List

Callie Ann Adams, President’s List
Victoria Lee Hardin, Honor Roll
Bertha Mireya Mendoza, President’s List
Presley Neshaydith Parker, Dean’s List

Ben Wheeler
Jarrod Wayne White, Honor Roll

Conner Trent Fisher, President’s List
Katherine Joyce Licce, President’s List

Big Lake
Samantha Lynn Guerrero, Dean’s List

Big Spring
Ethan Michael Yeats, President’s List

Cullan Ross Tidwell, President’s List
Mary Elizabeth Vasquez, Honor Roll

Bloomfield, N.M.
Shaefer Mcintyre Church, President’s List

Bozeman, Mont.
Catherine Joan Smith, Dean’s List

Janis Dianne Groves, President’s List
Susan Nicole Lohn, Honor Roll

Kody Wayne Cissna, Dean’s List
Micah Brannan Huebner, Honor Roll

Kassey Diane Nix, President’s List

Allison Victoria Eaton, President’s List

Jeremy Holland Newm Bartley, President’s List
Nicholas Calvin Bennie, Honor Roll
Melissa R. Bernal, President’s List
Joan Davina Burks, Honor Roll
Juanita Mercedes Cardenas, President’s List
Chasity Dawn Cartwright, Dean’s List
Kenneth Vance Chandler, Dean’s List
Taylor McKay Combs, Dean’s List
Cecil Otis Cox, President’s List
Shylah Marie Cutbirth, President’s List
Hope Elizabeth D’Alessio, Honor Roll
Ennis Davila, President’s List
Carminia Del Toro, President’s List
Raymundo Delgado, Dean’s List
Caleb Nathan Dillard, Honor Roll
Jeffrey Scott Edmondson, Dean’s List
Justin Allen Fisher, President’s List
Amanda Carlie Gober, President’s List
Stephanie Ann Gutierrez, Dean’s List
Meagan Elizabeth Hall, President’s List
Daniel Aaron Harmon, Dean’s List
Michael Jeffrey Harmon, Dean’s List
Christy Benae Hazelwood, Honor Roll
Zachary Edward Herman, President’s List
Jeremy Allen Hogue, President’s List
Molly Jane Hull, Honor Roll
Kelcie Michelle Hunter, President’s List
Jared Briant Huntley, President’s List
Jerry Talton Hurt, President’s List
Megan Michele Irwin, Dean’s List
Taylor Brooke Jordan, Honor Roll
Kindry Cruz Kirbo, President’s List
Bethany Mae Lee, Honor Roll
Andrea Lashaye Leonard, President’s List
Kensey Dena Martinez, Honor Roll
Jarrod Scott McCandless, President’s List
Rachel Brooke McDonald, President’s List
Shauntel Charity McGlothin, Dean’s List
Saulo Elias Mendoza, President’s List
Jessica Marie Powers, President’s List
Priscilla Lynn Rodriguez, Honor Roll
William Thomas Rumfield, Dean’s List
Jasimine Monae Sterling, Dean’s List
Zachary James Tharp, President’s List
Chelsea Lynn Thomason, President’s List
Brogan Shea Turner, President’s List
Sierra Montana Westerman, Honor Roll
Laura Caroll Whiteley, President’s List
Joshua Blain Woods, President’s List
Andres Jose Zambrano, Dean’s List

Aaran Wiley Hopkins, Dean’s List

Caleb Michael McConnell, Dean’s List

Brooke Lyndsey Goad, Dean’s List

Cristina M. Arevalo, Dean’s List
Corissa Lynn Brown, Dean’s List
TaShana Rae Hooker, President’s List

Cedar Park
Emily Janice Peisker, Honor Roll

Neal Edward Kucinski, Honor Roll

Allison Kate Straach, President’s List

Nathan Wayne Byrd, Dean’s List

Corpus Christi
Samuel Lang Hoffman, Dean’s List

Cranfills Gap
Ashley Nicole Sorenson, Honor Roll

Cross Plains
Dianna Jo Megarity, President’s List
Samuel Colton Rockett, Dean’s List

Crystal City
Alberto Joseph Martinez, President’s List

Shardena N. Hudson, Dean’s List

Clarissa Leigh Toler, Honor Roll

Colby Scott Compton, Honor Roll
Ryan Mathew Contreras, Dean’s List
Conner Mac Drew, President’s List
Addison Bryant Ebarb, Dean’s List
Dacia D’Shea Griffin, President’s List
Kevin Fitzgerald Holamon, President’s List
Oscar Manuel Taylor, Honor Roll
Sydni Brooke Thompson, President’s List

Tiffani Rose Peeples, Dean’s List

El Paso
Sarahi Castillo, Honor Roll
Itza Mar Jaramillo, Honor Roll
Robert Hielscher Santos, President’s List

Erie, Colo.
Hannah Elizabeth Jansen, President’s List

Eufaula, Okla.
Erin E. McLeod, Dean’s List

Farmington, N.M.
Zachary H. Sterling, President’s List

Olivia Ann Belsher, Dean’s List

Luis Anthony Robles, President’s List
Daniel William Taylor, President’s List

Flower Mound
Hannah Marie Hicks, President’s List

Fort Davis
Kyla Claire Zimdars, President’s List

Fort Worth
Hannah Joan Ball, Dean’s List
Marissa Nicole Cantu, Honor Roll
Whitney Elisabeth Presbaugh, Honor Roll
Rebekah Lindsay Steadman, Dean’s List
Hannah Elise Williamson, Dean’s List

Chandler Jacob Condra, President’s List

Will Orion Roberts, Honor Roll

Amanda Ruth Driggers, President’s List

Marlie Amanda Austin, Honor Roll
Rachel M. Ellington, President’s List

Murry Roy Clingerman, President’s List
Colton Jess McCabe, Honor Roll
J’lee Angela McCabe, Honor Roll
Kerri Anne Meharg, Honor Roll

Brittany Rachelle Bailey, Dean’s List
Rachel Ann Mahagan, President’s List
Sydney Drew Spencer, Dean’s List
Armando Elvis Valdez, Dean’s List

Tolli Bre Wylie, President’s List

Jaime Leann Swanner, Honor Roll

Evan Andrew Fleming, President’s List

Skyler James Turpin, Honor Roll

Burke Clifton Edwards, Dean’s List
Tyler Kirk Jones, Honor Roll
Kayla Michelle Smith, President’s List
Lawrence Ross Whittet, Dean’s List

Aryn Ashlie Kroeker, President’s List

Richard Austin Young, Honor Roll

Dillon Keith McCord, Dean’s List

Jessi Nicole Jordan, President’s List

Tonya Kara Bloomer, President’s List

Taylor Grace Cook, Honor Roll

Iowa Park
Joshua Lee Farquharson, Dean’s List

Kaleigh Jo Tankersley, Dean’s List

Adam McCoy Jones, President’s List

Andrew Garrett Hultin, Dean’s List

Aaron Michael DePrisco, Honor Roll

Allison Nicole Mantell, Honor Roll

Trent Cameron Gainey, Honor Roll

Amanda Michelle Cruddas, President’s List
Harley Gail Fine, Dean’s List

La Grange
Valerie Hanna Marrs, President’s List

Jennifer Lynn Hilla, Dean’s List
Kelsan Marie Wolverton, Dean’s List
Sharon Allen Wolverton, President’s List

Dulcie Nicole Pepe, Dean’s List
Gloriana Michelle Stolle, Dean’s List

Michelle Marie Hawkins, President’s List
Marion Renee Stearns, Dean’s List

Liberty Hill
Chesney Beth Goza, President’s List
Mason Marie Samsel, Dean’s List

Jill Ann Parson, President’s List

Sydney Marie Westin, Honor Roll

Jaclyn Rose Bonner, President’s List
Katie Rose Bonner, President’s List

Rebecca Danielle McFarland, Honor Roll

Nellie Beau Brieann Clevenger, President’s List
Gage Logan Smith, Dean’s List

Caitlin Courtney Wood, President’s List

Danya Alexandra Rios, Honor Roll

Courtney Reagan Lamberth, Honor Roll
Candace Leeann Montgomery, Honor Roll

Michelle Lynn Florence, Dean’s List

New London, Mo.
Allison Ann Ninedorf, Dean’s List

Rebecca Nicole Hamilton, President’s List

Catherine Elizabeth Haston, President’s List
Katie Dawn Murphy, President’s List

Ashley Ann Wellborn, Dean’s List

Allison Paige Morrison, President’s List

Keaton James Fletcher, President’s List

Erica Renae Lopez, Honor Roll

Katherine Belle Carl, Dean’s List

Red Oak
Analicia Gabriella Guerrero, Dean’s List

Rising Star
Katelyn Anne Pirot, Dean’s List

Nathanael Adams, Dean’s List
Cantrell Oldham Miller, President’s List

Blaine Michael Wynn, Honor Roll

Amber Tabrisha Ren Jones, Dean’s List

Round Rock
Heather Renee Clayton, President’s List
Summer Christine King, Honor Roll

Katherine Elaine Dobson, President’s List
Priscilla Jamaica, Dean’s List
Adrianna Nicole Perez, Dean’s List

Royse City
Hannah Marie Strebeck, Dean’s List

Emily Marie Bird, President’s List

Mikayla Nicole Austin, Honor Roll
Thomas Parker Kyle, President’s List

San Angelo
Cara Ann DeLoach, President’s List
Kristin Leeann Haman, President’s List

San Antonio
Floridalma Campos, President’s List
Ruth Ann Davis, President’s List
Rebecca Marie Etter, Dean’s List
Angelica Maria Gray, President’s List
Arthur Joseph Hettler, Dean’s List
Victoria Rene Krawczynski, President’s List
Julia Mari Rodriguez, Dean’s List
Nathan Richard Weyrauch, Dean’s List

San Juan
Lorien Elisse Rubio, Dean’s List

Santa Anna
Jordan Ashleigh Jewell, Dean’s List

Sarah Jane Van Remmen, President’s List

Vanessa Mae Marquez, President’s List

Sierra Blanca
Rachel Jean Moore, Dean’s List

Spring Branch
Ashley Ann Biering, President’s List

Mallory Laurette Orms, Honor Roll

Courtney Jean Tatum, Dean’s List

Austin James Burt, Honor Roll
Bryson Taylor Wallace, Honor Roll

Zachary Paul Eller, President’s List
Macy Catherine McPherson, President’s List

Diana Rebeca Puente Chavar, President’s List

McKinley Gayle Meyer, Honor Roll

Sarah Delyn Belser, President’s List

Neva Marie Bowers, President’s List

Ivon Teresa Mendoza, Honor Roll

Camryn Leigh D’rubio, Honor Roll

Nicole Ann Bird, Dean’s List

Morgan Paige Ashmore, Honor Roll

Andrew Kirk Stevenson, Dean’s List

Katelyn Marie Wood, President’s List

Lacy Harrison Culpepper, President’s List

HPU sophomore receives scholarship to study in London

Ashley MoonBROWNWOOD – January 7, 2014 – Howard Payne University sophomore Ashley Moon, a communication major from Waxahachie, was awarded a scholarship through the Consortium for Global Education (CGE) to study in London for the spring 2014 semester. Moon will participate in CAPA International Education’s London Program, earning college credit while studying in what the CGE calls “one of the most vibrant, exciting, culturally rich and cosmopolitan cities in the world.” Moon was also selected as CAPA’s official “vlogger” for the semester and received an additional scholarship to produce weekly video blogs about her experiences.

This will be Moon’s second time to study in London.

“Last year when I studied abroad, my main goal was to explore the city and to try new things,” she said. “My school work was light and I saw a lot of tourist attractions. This coming year will be much more challenging. All of my classes will be upper level communication courses. I will be working an internship, making weekly videos for CAPA International, writing articles for Howard Payne and living in a British home. I’m thrilled about the career opportunities and experience London offers.”

Jennifer McNiece, assistant professor of political science at HPU, serves as the university’s director of international study and academic travel.

“More and more students are taking advantage of the many opportunities HPU offers them to study in different cities around the world,” McNiece said. “We’re very grateful to organizations such as the CGE for helping to fund these opportunities.”

Moon said there is always something to do or explore in London.

“It’s a very exciting place, and I feel like there are endless possibilities there,” she said. “I’ve wanted to return to London since the day I got back to the states. It’s like my second home.”

Dr. Bill Ellis, HPU president, serves as CGE vice president.

“We’re very proud of Ashley and know the university will be represented very well in London next semester,” he said.


Photo cutline: Ashley Moon, a sophomore at HPU, will return to study in London, the city she considers her “second home.”

HPU Moot Court students named regional champs, advance to nationals

Moot CourtBROWNWOOD – December 18, 2013 – Howard Payne University recently dominated the Southwestern Regional Moot Court Championship at Baylor University Law School, with an HPU team beating the top team from Texas A&M University in the final round. Katie Rose Bonner, a junior from Lytle, and Elizabeth Rogers, a senior from Grand Junction, Colo., were named Southwestern Regional Champions and received an automatic invitation to the National Championship of Intercollegiate Moot Court on January 17-18, at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

An additional HPU team comprised of Cayden McDonald, a senior from Whitehouse, and Christopher Mitchell, a junior from Pecos, advanced to quarter-finals and later received an invitation to compete in the national competition as well.

Awards were given to the top 10 speakers at the competition, including Bonner, Rogers and McDonald. This is a further testament to their practice and preparation, according to their sponsor Lorianna Kelley, assistant professor of political science at HPU.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication the students have demonstrated over the course of the semester, evidenced by the results at this most recent tournament,” she said. “Most of our team was new to moot court, and had no prior exposure to this form of oral advocacy. This did not stop them from besting more seasoned teams.”

Undergraduate moot court competitions simulate the experience of arguing a case before the United States Supreme Court. According to the American Collegiate Moot Court Association’s website, teams that finish in the top 20 percent of each regional event earn an automatic bid to the national tournament.

Also competing from HPU were Zachary Eller, a freshman from Temple; Zachary Gafford, a senior from Brownwood; Colton McCabe, a junior from Gatesville; and Ryan Young, a senior from Mesquite.

Dr. Justin D. Murphy, Brand professor of history, dean of the School of Humanities, and director of the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy, said he is also pleased with the successes of the Moot Court team.

“I am especially proud of Professor Kelley’s role in leading the team,” he said. “She is an outstanding asset to HPU and the Moot Court program.”


Photo cutline: Eight HPU students recently competed at the Southwestern Regional Moot Court Championship at Baylor University Law School, with four advancing to the national championships in January. Left to right: Elizabeth Rogers, champion; Katie Rose Bonner, champion; Cayden McDonald, quarterfinalist; and Christopher Mitchell, quarterfinalist.

First student graduates from HPU’s New Braunfels Center

Dan Pryor and Matt MorganBROWNWOOD – December 17, 2013 – Matt Morgan of New Braunfels, who serves as the information technology manager at the Capital Area Council of Governments in Austin, was the first graduate of the Howard Payne University New Braunfels Center. He received his Master of Business Administration degree during the university’s Commencement ceremony on Saturday, Dec. 14, in Brownwood.

Morgan completed the program in just one year, taking courses solely at night and on weekends.

“I always wanted to get my master’s degree,” he said. “I’ve worked in the public sector for almost 18 years now, and I figured an MBA would give me that cutting edge should I decide to venture off into the private sector.”

Morgan also wanted to set an example for his daughter, Riley Rose, a middle school student.

“I feel I’ve done my best and I hope she always remembers to never give up and to seize opportunities,” he said. “You are never too old to keep learning. My daughter and my wife, Debbie, have been extremely supportive and helpful to me this past year.”

Morgan attended other universities during his undergraduate career, but said none offered the type of relationships he found at HPU.

“The effect that support from others can have on your endeavors is really amazing, and even more so when it’s coming from instructors and staff,” he said. “I never felt like just a number at Howard Payne.”

In addition to working full time and completing his degree, Morgan also plays accordion for Poor J. Brown, a band out of New Braunfels and San Antonio.
“I’ve received an enormous amount of support from my family, my parents, my in-laws and my bandmates,” he said. “It’s a wonderful feeling to realize people support you.”
Morgan said he enjoyed the convenience of obtaining his master’s degree in New Braunfels.

“I would highly recommend the HPU MBA program to those thinking of continuing their education,” he said. “The convenience is unmatched. Classes were scheduled so that they did not interfere with my work schedule and the location was perfect. For anyone in the New Braunfels area the convenience of not having to drive to Austin, San Antonio or San Marcos is worth it alone – not to mention parking!”

Most of all, he said, he loved the overall experience the program offered.

“I had a great group of professors who were all very involved and very accommodating as I balanced my career and family life while working towards my MBA,” he said. “I feel very lucky to have gone through the program with the group of students that started with me. There are about 12 of us and every individual brought something to the table from which we could all learn. We had some great group projects and discussions that could have lasted all night had we let them. It’s a really close knit group and I’m sure we will all continue to maintain our friendships long after everyone completes their MBA degrees.”

The HPU New Braunfels Center office is located at 1423 N. Walnut Ave., Suite 105. Until HPU’s permanent campus is constructed as part of the Veramendi development project, courses are being offered at New Braunfels High School, at the Aflac Suite (1259 Loop 337 North, Suite #200) and online. For more information, visit or call (830) 629-2366.


Photo cutline: Matt Morgan, right, received his Master of Business Administration degree during the HPU Commencement ceremony held on Dec. 14 in Brownwood. He is pictured with Dr. Dan Pryor, assistant professor of business.

HPU social work students get first-hand lessons in poverty

Poverty SimulationBROWNWOOD – December 17, 2013 – Five Howard Payne University social work students recently participated in Mission Waco’s Poverty Simulation, a weekend experience created to challenge students to “see the world through different eyes.”

Dan Humeniuk, assistant professor of social work and chair of HPU’s criminal justice, social work and sociology department, has had a class participate in Poverty Simulation for the past five years.

“More than 15 percent of the American population lives below the poverty line,” he said, referencing U.S. Census Bureau statistics. “We’re increasingly becoming a society in which there is a great division between those who are economically disadvantaged and those who have substantial resources.”

Approximately 50 individuals participated in this year’s simulation, a safe experience designed to increase empathy for those living in poverty. In addition to planned activities, participants slept outdoors and experienced what it is like to find meals with very little money.

According to Humeniuk, these activities promote compassion for those who are less fortunate.

“The Bible addresses our responsibilities as Christians toward those who are struggling,” he said.

Rebekah Steadman, a junior social work major from Fort Worth, was one of two students who returned to Poverty Simulation a second year, despite only being required to participate once.

“I learned something different each time that I participated in the simulation,” she said. “This year, the great lesson that affected me was the importance of relationships and community. We met many people in poverty and heard many stories throughout the weekend that brought the truths of poverty to life. The one thing all the people had in common was that they lacked material possessions but were rich in their relationships with one another. It is a beautiful lesson we all must learn whether we are in poverty or not. How valuable are our relationships and friendships to us versus our material possessions?”

Humeniuk said social work is a “spiritual calling.”

“A social worker’s life’s goal is not to make a lot of money,” he said. “A social worker is more concerned with doing something rather than being somebody.”

Said Steadman, “Those who are impoverished should not be ignored by those of us who have been blessed to give and have the knowledge of how to do so. This simulation truly opens a person’s heart and eyes to the everyday lives of people in poverty and all the extreme struggles they face to survive.”

In addition to Steadman, other students on the trip included Shannon Bundy, a senior from Port Aransas; Jeffery Fennell, a junior from Converse; Jessica Ferrell-Raborn, a senior from Salado; and Paula Johnson, a junior from Spring.


Photo cutline: Five HPU students and a faculty member recently participated in Mission Waco’s Poverty Simulation. Left to right: Dan Humeniuk, Jessica Ferrell-Raborn, Shannon Bundy, Paula Johnson, Jeffery Fennell and Rebekah Steadman.

HPU’s December Commencement scheduled for Saturday

BROWNWOOD – December 11, 2013 – Howard Payne University will hold its Commencement ceremony this Saturday, Dec. 14, at the Brownwood Coliseum beginning at 10 a.m.

Dr. Bill Ellis, university president, and other university representatives will confer 63 undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Honorable J.D. Sheffield, D.O., State Representative for District 59 and family medicine doctor at Hillcrest Clinic in Gatesville, will deliver the charge to the graduates. He is a 1984 HPU graduate.

Among the students receiving diplomas will be Matthew Morgan, the first student to graduate from HPU’s New Braunfels Center. Morgan will receive a Master of Business Administration degree.

Additional program participants include: Corey Ash ’92, associate professor of music and director of bands; Dr. Donnie Auvenshine ’75, dean of the School of Christian Studies and professor of Christian studies; Rev. Darrel Glen Beggs ’81, pastor of Central Baptist Church in Hillsboro; Rev. David Cozart ’96, president of HPU’s Alumni Association and minister of education/administration at Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Waco; William Colton Curry, graduating senior; Dr. Gary Gramling ’81, director of the graduate program in youth ministry and professor of Christian studies; Dr. Justin Murphy, dean of the School of Humanities, professor of history and director of the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy; Dr. Lois Patton, director of the graduate program in business administration and professor of business administration; Dr. Leslie Plagens, dean of the School of Business and professor of business administration; Carter Sharpe, second vice chairman of the HPU Board of Trustees; Dr. W. Mark Tew, provost; Jan Tucker, former instructor of education; Lana Wagner ’97, registrar; Dr. Julie Welker ’94, faculty president, professor of communication and chair of the Department of Communication Studies; and the HPU Instrumental Ensemble.

The Commencement ceremony will be preceded on Friday, Dec. 13, by Chime Out, an HPU tradition in which graduating seniors pass a chain of ivy to underclassmen, symbolizing the passing of authority, responsibility and privileges to those students who remain on campus to carry on the traditions of the university. Chime Out begins at 6 p.m. at the university’s Mims Auditorium.

HPU’s Kelley addresses International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education

Kevin KelleyBROWNWOOD – December 5, 2013 – Dr. Kevin Kelley, assistant professor of industrial/organizational psychology at Howard Payne University, recently presented at the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) Fall Region VI Conference held in Dallas. The topic for Dr. Kelley’s presentation was “Employer Expectations for College Graduates.”

“Dr. Kelley presented several key insights on how college business programs can prepare their graduates for today’s dynamic business environment,” said Dr. Les Plagens, dean of HPU’s School of Business. “His experience in assessing managerial talent provided the conference participants an opportunity to discuss implications for learning outcomes for various business programs.”

Dr. Kelley teaches in the psychology and business administration departments at HPU. He also serves as a consultant/partner in the business development firm TAD (Talent Assessment and Development). Most recently, he has worked in organizational strategy and change management at Apple and IBM.

IACBE is the specialized accrediting body for six business programs at HPU. There are more than 250 institutions worldwide with business programs accredited by IACBE.


Photo cutline: Dr. Kevin Kelley, assistant professor of industrial/organizational psychology at HPU, recently addressed the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

Dr. Richard Jackson elected to Board of Governors at B. H. Carroll Theological Institute

Dr. Richard Jackson(Information provided by the B. H. Carroll Theological Institute.)

BROWNWOOD – October 31, 2013 – Dr. Richard A. Jackson, a 1960 Howard Payne University graduate, longtime Baptist minister and president of Jackson Center for Evangelism and Encouragement in Brownwood, has been elected to serve on the Board of Governors of B. H. Carroll Theological Institute in Arlington.

He was elected to the post at a recent meeting of the board. The announcement was made by Dr. Leon Leach, chairman of the board and executive vice president of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

“We are extremely pleased that Dr. Jackson has agreed to serve in this important role,” said Dr. C. Gene Wilkes, new president of the Institute. “Dr. Jackson remains passionate about evangelism and equipping the local church to reach others for Christ. His passion matches Carroll’s mission in every way.”

Dr. Bruce Corley, founding Carroll president who retired this month, commented, “I’m excited to have such a powerful voice and dedicated servant of God in our midst. Richard is a pastoral leader whose record of service is long and impressive, a man of integrity respected throughout the nation and the world.”

Born in Fort Worth, Dr. Jackson, son of a pioneer Baptist minister, is a 1956 graduate of Grapevine High School. He holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from Howard Payne University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth (1963). His seminary degree is the equivalent of today’s Master of Divinity Degree. He was awarded Honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees by Grand Canyon University in Phoenix and by HPU, on whose Board of Trustees he served for three years.

For a quarter of a century, he was pastor of one of the nation’s megachurches, North Phoenix Baptist Church in Arizona. Retiring there as pastor in 1993, his leadership was credited with the church’s phenomenal growth. Membership grew from about 500 to more than 22,000.

He has held pastorates in Texas churches such as May, Bluff Dale, Cleburne and Sulphur Springs. During recent years, he has served as interim pastor of 11 churches, most recently First Baptist Church of San Angelo. He also teaches at Howard Payne while directing the work of the Jackson Center. Dr. Jackson receives many invitations to preach at churches throughout the United States.

Dr. Jackson is married to the former Wanda Alexander, his high school and college sweetheart. They have been married for 56 years and have three children and six grandchildren.

Dr. Jackson’s colleagues on Carroll Institute’s Board of Governors include Dr. Russell H. Dilday, chancellor of the Institute; Dr. Don Newbury, HPU chancellor and vice chairman of the board; and Jerry W. Yowell, CLU, State Farm Insurance in Fort Worth, and secretary of the board.

Also on the board are David M. Smith, president of Texmark Chemicals Inc., Houston; Barbara Baugh, president of the John and Eula Mae Baugh Foundation, San Antonio; Don Buchholz, chairman of the board of Southwest Securities Group Inc., Dallas; Dr. Stephen Hatfield, pastor, First Baptist Church, Lewisville; Joan Trew, owner at Williams Trew Real Estate Company, Fort Worth; and Jeff Whitfield, attorney at law, Kelly Hart and Hallman, Fort Worth.


Photo cutline: Dr. Richard Jackson speaks at HPU’s University Convocation in 2012.

HPU New Braunfels center to host graduate and undergraduate preview events

BROWNWOOD – October 31, 2013 – The Howard Payne University New Braunfels Center will host two free preview events for those wishing to pursue or continue their higher education careers. An event for college graduates interested in HPU’s Master of Business Administration degree will be held November 5 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 1259 Loop 337 North in New Braunfels, Suite #200 (Aflac Suite). An undergraduate preview event for students wishing to begin or complete their bachelor’s degrees will take place November 14 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the New Braunfels High School library.

Faculty and staff members will discuss the admissions process and academic offerings available in New Braunfels, and attendees will have the opportunity to meet them and ask questions.

Dale Meinecke, assistant vice president for extended programs and church relations, and his wife, Christy, an HPU admission counselor, live and work in New Braunfels.

“We absolutely love that our jobs revolve around telling people about the quality, Christ-centered higher education they can experience right here in New Braunfels,” he said. “We hope people take this opportunity to meet our faculty and staff and learn more about the opportunities awaiting them.”

The preview events are free, but registration is requested. To register for either event, visit Contact Christy Meinecke at (830) 629-2366 or via e-mail at for more information.