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McNeeley begins newly structured role at HPU

Dr. McNeeley photo reduced for webBROWNWOOD – August 17, 2017 – Howard Payne University’s Dr. Wendy McNeeley recently transitioned to the new role of assistant vice president for university records and dean of general education following the recent merger of the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Dean of General Education.

In this new role, Dr. McNeeley will incorporate many of the functions of HPU’s Collegium into the university’s records and student advising procedures. The Collegium will continue to serve students as it now does, with a variety of programs to equip students for success through tutoring, academic testing, academic advising, learning assistance, career services and more.

“The registrar’s office touches every student and fits well with advising and academic success,” said Dr. McNeeley. “Both the Collegium and the registrar’s duties are intertwined, so it is a logical fit to bring the offices together.”

In her time at HPU which began in 1995, Dr. McNeeley has taught English and developmental studies courses, served as department chair for developmental studies and has been dean of advising and general education in the university’s Collegium.

“This new structure is a natural fit due to Dr. McNeeley’s exceptional work ethic and her demonstrated love for and dedication to Howard Payne over her 23 years of service,” said Dr. W. Mark Tew, provost and chief academic officer. “Dr. McNeeley loves our students, is respected by her peers and colleagues and understands our work in higher education as a service to Christ and His kingdom.”

Dr. McNeeley said she never thought she would work in higher education or simply education, for that matter.

“Throughout my life, God continuously put people in my path who opened doors and pushed me toward education,” she said. “One should never say ‘never’ to God.”

As part of her new duties, Dr. McNeeley joins the team in the registrar’s office comprised of Martha Fothergill, coordinator of records and reports; Kelly Franke, coordinator of transfer credits and records; and Bobbie Price, certification coordinator and graduation assistant. She will also continue working with personnel in HPU’s Collegium, including Tammy Arreola, career services coordinator; Laura Coulter, assistant professor and academic services coordinator – tutoring and QEP; Celeste Justice, administrative assistant to the dean of advising and general education; Alexa Maddox, academic services coordinator and instructor of developmental studies; Kay Teague, instructor of mathematics; and Shannon Turner, instructor of academic services, learning assistance and academic recovery.

“My confidence in this new structure is due in no small way to the dedication and commitment of those who work in the Collegium and the registrar’s office,” said Dr. Tew.

Dr. McNeeley said she hopes to streamline student advising and records by making things easier for the students, faculty and staff. She looks forward to this new opportunity with great excitement of the possibilities to come.

“I am looking forward to seeing many students succeed during their time at HPU,” she said.


Cutline: Dr. Wendy McNeeley was recently named HPU’s new assistant vice president for university records and dean of general education.

San Saba’s Leigh Ann Glaze named HPU registrar

Leigh Ann Glaze for webBROWNWOOD – February 27, 2017 – Howard Payne University recently named Leigh Ann Glaze, former public school administrator, as the university’s registrar. Glaze began her new role in January and follows the recently retired Lana Wagner.

Glaze spent 26 years in public education, most recently serving nine years as superintendent at San Saba Independent School District. In addition, she served as assistant superintendent and school counselor in San Saba and taught English at Jim Ned Consolidated Independent School District.

She spoke of her decision to start a new career in higher education so quickly following her retirement from public education.

“I know myself too well,” she said. “I would go stir crazy if I actually retired.”

As HPU registrar, Glaze handles academic records and has varied other responsibilities, many of which overlap with her public school administrator roles. Additionally, she oversees the operations and staff of the Office of the Registrar, including Bobbie Price, certification coordinator and graduation assistant; Martha Fothergill, coordinator of records and reports; and Kelly Franke, coordinator of transfer credits and records.

“These ladies have been great at helping me get settled into the job,” Glaze said. “Everyone at HPU has been so kind and helpful.”

Dr. Mark Tew, provost and chief academic officer, expressed his delight in Glaze’s appointment.

“We’re blessed to have found someone like Leigh Ann to fill the void after Lana’s retirement,” he said. “Her experience and skill set, complemented by her warmth and friendliness, make her a perfect fit at HPU.”

Glaze and her husband, Scott, have one daughter, Brittany.


Cutline: HPU recently appointed Leigh Ann Glaze as the university’s registrar.

HPU registrar retires after 43 years

Lana WagnerBROWNWOOD – February 2, 2017 – Lana Wagner, who retired from Howard Payne University at the end of January after 43 years, calls leaving HPU “surreal.”

“I know it’s time, but it’s a major life change,” she said. “It will take some regrouping for sure.”

Wagner began at HPU in 1972 as a loan collection officer in financial aid and moved into her current role of registrar in 1999, taking two years off work in the late 1970s when her daughter was born.

She described the reasons she’s stayed with the university for so long.

“The atmosphere and the people with whom I work are the biggest factors,” she said.

Wagner said she and her coworkers have become “like family.” She doesn’t use the term lightly. Two with whom she is particularly close – Glenda Huff, director of student aid, and Bobbie Price, certification coordinator and graduation assistant – have served alongside her at HPU for 41 years and 45 years, respectively.

Among many other roles, Wagner and the rest of the Office of the Registrar staff assist students with registration, maintain student records, prepare transcripts and play a large part in the university’s Commencement services twice each year.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better staff,” she said. “They make me look good with their professionalism and willingness to work hard.”

She also has high praise for HPU administrators, including the three provosts with whom she has served in her time as registrar: Dr. Donnie Auvenshine, now serving as dean of the School of Christian Studies and professor of Christian studies; Dr. Robert Bicknell, now serving as accreditation liaison and dean of extended education; and Dr. Mark Tew, current provost and chief academic officer.

“I’ve felt valued at Howard Payne,” she said. “Administrators ask your opinion and care about what you have to say.”

Dr. Tew said he has been blessed to work with Wagner throughout his almost 10 years at HPU.

“Lana was not someone who simply reported to me,” he said. “She has been my colleague and she will be missed.”

Though it’s hard to leave the HPU family, Wagner is excited to spend more time with her own. She has seven – soon to be eight – grandchildren and is looking forward to being able to attend their activities and devote more attention to them.

Wagner, who earned a degree from HPU in 1997, said HPU is unique in that faculty, staff and students are encouraged to openly and proudly live their faith.

“There are very few places of employment where you can do that,” she said. “That’s the thing that has always been a draw for me.”


Cutline: HPU registrar Lana Wagner has retired from the university after 43 years of service.