Student Organizations

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HPU Student Organizations

Student Government Association – The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of all students who are enrolled in a degree program at HPU. Meetings are held weekly at a published time and location and are open for all students to attend. The group of officers and representatives, who are elected by the student body, function as the official voice of the student body and act as a liaison between the students and the administration of the University.
Student Government Association also includes a Student Supreme Court. The Supreme Court consists of five students who are nominated by the SGA. The members of the Supreme Court hear cases pertaining to elections and organizational complaints. Additionally, they may hear cases of student discipline forwarded by the Dean of Student Life or his designee.
Campus elections are conducted seasonally by the SGA to fill various offices. Those students who wish to run for an office must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and be in good standing with the University. Please see the Student Government Association Constitution for more information about SGA. The Student Government Association constitution is available on the HPU website.

Inter-Organizational Council – The Inter-Organizational council is made up of all organization presidents and organization advisors. This body meets at least once a semester to plan organizational cooperation with campus activities and is directed by the Director of Student Activities.

Local Greek

Chi Alpha Omega – A sorority that emphasizes school spirit, Christian fellowship, and lasting sisterhood.

Delta Chi Rho – A social service organization dedicated to serving the school and community.

Iota Chi Alpha – A men’s service organization created to serve HPU and the surrounding community and to exemplify the likeness of Christ by placing Him first.

Sigma Theta Phi – A men’s social spirit organization intended to promote and enhance Christian fellowship throughout the university.

Zeta Chi – A social, spirit organization dedicated to promoting University spirit and Christian fellowship through brotherhood.


Alpha Psi Omega – Honorary dramatic fraternity to promote an honor society for those working in theater/arts.

Beta Beta Beta – An honor society for the life sciences.

Cheerleaders – A group of students supporting the varsity athletic program, serving as ambassadors for HPU, and competing in the sport of cheerleading.

Class Organizations – Each of the four classes maintains an organization for furthering the interests of its members. Officers are elected each year to formulate programs and activities.

Criminal Justice Club – A club to further acquaint and teach members about the different aspects of criminal justice, and to get members involved and acquainted with professionals in the field.

Exercise and Sports Science Club – A club to further the goals and ideals in which enable us, as members, to better ourselves in preparation for professions dealing with health, fitness, and recreation.

Gamma Beta Phi – A national educational service organization dedicated to encouragement of scholastic effort, reward of academic merit, and promotion of worthy character and leadership.

Jacket Ambassadors – A group of students devoted to promoting HPU and strengthening the student body by empowering current students to engage with prospective students. This campus service organization will encourage student leadership and advance institutional enrollment goals.

Kappa Delta Pi – An honor society for junior and senior students in education.

Kappa Kappa Psi – A national service fraternity for band students.

Ministerial Alliance – Engaged in deepening the spiritual being of men and women preparing for the Gospel ministry.

Pi Gamma Mu – A national honorary organization for junior and senior students in the social sciences.

Psi Chi – An international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.

Sigma Beta Delta – An international business honor society.

Social Work Club – Honorary organization for social work majors.

Student Activities Council – The Student Activities Council is the University’s student-operated campus programming organization. It plans, coordinates, and produces numerous events in an effort to provide the Howard Payne student body with quality entertainment and stimulating cultural programs.

Student Foundation – A select group of students who assist in recruiting, public relations work, fund-raising for student scholarships, and generally serve as ambassadors for HPU.

Students in Free Enterprise – A program dedicated to educational outreach in free market activities.

Tau Beta Sigma – A national service sorority for band students.

Baptist Student Ministry – A student-led ministry under the guidance of the BSM director. This ministry seeks to follow the vision of I Thessalonians 2:8, summed up in saying that we will share the Gospel and our lives with those around us. The BSM is divided into three main areas of focus: Missions/Evangelism, Prayer/Discipleship and Worship/Church Life. For more information, call 325-649-8319, e-mail, or visit the BSM office in The Hub, just across the street from the Mabee University Center, between Veda Hodge Hall and the on-campus duplex student housing.

“Open” (O) Organizations

Archery Club – An organization to promote the sports of archery for both hobby and competitive events, to teach the skills needed to safely do archery events, to share the sport with youth, and to use archery as an avenue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – A program to confront students, student-athletes, and coaches–and through them the youth of the nation–with the challenge and adventure of following Christ through the fellowship of the church.

non-Traditional Learning Community– An organization to help increase the participation of non-traditional students in campus activities, providing and establishing a family-friendly atmosphere. nTLC helps students, faculty, and staff to understand the special needs of the non-traditional students.

el Club de Español – A club to promote peace through understanding among all people of different ethnicities, to celebrate Hispanic culture and endorse interest in the study of Spanish, and to engage in cultural activities and participate in services to our community.

Howard Payne University Outdoor Pursuits Syndicate – A club to build interest and enthusiasm in outdoor recreation and expand community recreation opportunities.

HPU Running Club – A club to promote community connectedness and personal well-being through organizing group running events, pursuing competitive races, and providing an atmosphere where runners can develop healthy fitness patterns and lasting relationships.

Information About Hazing

This form will permit you to confidentially submit reports regarding incidents you believe to be hazing. A submitted report may result in an investigation by Student Activities into the alleged hazing incident. Every attempt will be made to keep all information submitted in this form confidential.

WARNING: False reports impede the ability of Student Activities to meaningfully conduct investigations of legitimate hazing incidents. Knowingly submitting a false report of hazing or misuse of this University form will result in disciplinary action under the Student Disciplinary Procedure.