Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of all students who are enrolled in a degree program at HPU. Meetings are held weekly during the fall and spring semesters and are open for all students to attend. The group of officers and representatives, who are elected by the student body, function as the official voice of the student body and act as a liaison between the students and the administration of the University.

Student Government Association also includes a Student Supreme Court. The Supreme Court consists of five students who are nominated by the SGA. The members of the Supreme Court hear cases pertaining to elections and organizational complaints. Additionally, they may hear student conduct cases forwarded by the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students.

Campus elections are conducted seasonally by the SGA to fill various offices. Those students who wish to run for an office must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and be in good standing with the University. Additional requirements and expectations are located in the SGA Constitution.

SGA meetings occur on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in FLLC 221. All students are welcome to attend.

The SGA office is located in the lobby of Veda Hodge Residence Hall.

You can also share your ideas, concerns, and/or recommendations through the form at the bottom of this page.

View the SGA Constitution.

2017-2018 Officers
President: Isaac Sommers
Vice President: Titus Brown
Treasurer: Michael Hazard
Secretary: Emma Reed
Chaplain: Hannah Williams

2017-2018 Senators
Senior Class Senators:
Andrea Balderas (Presiding Senator)
Karli Conrad
Djimonni Jackson
Open Position

Junior Class Senators:
Caleb Kostreva (Presiding Senator)
Devin Caraway
Jaime Dodson
Open Position

Sophomore Class Senators:
Madison Neal (Presiding Senator)
Brooklyn Britton
Jordan Hahn
Haylee Williams

Freshman Class Senators:
Daniella Puente (Presiding Senator)
Sierra Ross
Lucy Manning
Open Position

Graduate Student Senator:
Open Position

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