Student Resources

Information Technology Services provides a variety of services to support HPU students. Assistance is provided in the following areas:

  • Credentials for access to HPU resources such as campus labs, Blackboard, email, CampusConnect, etc.
  • Accessing the HPU LAN and wireless network from personal devices.
  • Virus and spyware removal (free anti-virus software available).
  • Information on discounted software and hardware.

Accessing HPU Systems

The following account information pertains to credentials used to log on to campus computers, HPU email, and the Blackboard system.

HPU Network Credentials

User Name - Your user name consists of firstname. lastname – as in john.doe. The name you use when registering at HPU will be the name used for all user accounts. Middle names or nicknames cannot be used.

Password – Initial password information will be provided during Day 1 events for incoming HPU students. Please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance with password issues. Verification of identity will be required.

E-mail (

The University provides an e-mail account for your use at HPU. This account is good from the first day of enrollment until you graduate. The address is You must check this e-mail account, as it is the official communication path from us to you. You may create rules to forward HPU e-mail to another account, but keep in mind that many free accounts have limited size mailboxes and when full, will not accept new mail. Your HPU e-mail account is limited to 100MB in size. The HPU IT Services department will not be responsible for mail that is forwarded to off campus addresses.

NOTE: Any mass communication from IT Services will come directly from one of the members of our staff. Never give out usernames, password, credit card numbers, bank account information, or any other important personal pieces of information through email.

Blackboard (

Blackboard is an Internet based course management tool used by many instructors to offer additional classroom resources. Depending on the course, these additional features may include lecture notes, course syllabi, schedules, handouts, class discussions, and quizzes. Not all HPU instructors use Blackboard. You will only see courses in which the instructor has decided to utilize Blackboard.

Using Your Computer on Campus

Computer name – We ask that on campus residents ensure their computer is named with first name and last name, as in johndoe. In the event of duplicate names, add a numeric suffix to make it unique. This naming scheme will help us identify your system and quickly contact you if needed. This is required by University Policy and your access to the network will be blocked if you fail to comply. Instructions can be found on the IT Services Helpdesk website.

Antivirus – You must have antivirus software with a current subscription to virus definitions. We recommend a free antivirus solution called Microsoft Security Essentials. It is available for download from the IT Services Helpdesk website or can be found easily on the Microsoft website. If you do not feel comfortable performing the installation yourself, you may bring your computer to the IT Services offices and we will install it for you.

Wireless network – HPU has wireless access in the dormitories, apartments, and other areas on campus. If you are buying a notebook or PDA please be sure it has WPA2-Enterprise capability. Authentication will be required to access the campus wireless; however there will be some configuration required on wireless devices before your HPU user credentials will be accepted for connection. Please check the IT Services Helpdesk website for setup instructions for your specific operating system. You may also bring your device to the IT Services offices and we will help you with the configuration.

NOTE: We ask that you NOT bring wireless access points or routers to school with you. We also ask that you do not bring wireless printers or that you disable the wireless feature on these devices once you arrive.

Peer-to-Peer software – Software such as BitTorrent, Limewire, KaZaa, eDonkey, Morpheus, etc, designed for file sharing over the internet are now blocked. We cannot allow such content on our network due to the severity of security issues peer-to-peer applications present.

Discounts on Software & Hardware

Hardware Discounts – Hardware discounts are available from Dell for HPU students. Other retailers may also provide discounts for students so be sure to check their site when shopping for computer equipment. Visit the IT Services Help Desk website for more information.

Software Discounts – Discounts on Microsoft Office, as well as other software, is available here: