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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Languages

The purpose of the major in biblical languages is to enable students to translate and interpret the Greek New Testament and to translate and interpret simple passages in the Hebrew Bible. Students who take selected courses in biblical languages will learn the essentials of each language and acquire skills in using the language resources in biblical study.

For more information about this program, contact Dr. Donnie Auvenshine ( or 325-649-8408).

Course Catalog Descriptions


Major Requirements: Biblical Languages – 36 hours

Core (13 hours)
BIB 1303 – Introduction to the Old Testament
BIB 1304 – Introduction to the New Testament
CED 1100 – Introduction to the Ministry
BIB 3391 – Biblical Interpretation
PTH 4300 – Christian Doctrines

Concentration (23 hours)
BLA 2411 – Elementary Greek I
BLA 2421 – Elementary Greek II
BLA 3401 – Intermediate Greek I
BLA 3411 – Elementary Hebrew I
BLA 3421 – Elementary Hebrew II
BLA 4321 – Advanced Greek
BLA 4351 – Greek Exegesis

General Education Requirements: 42 Hours

Biblical Principles and Tools for Personal and Spiritual Wellness (11 hours)
GEN 1101 – University Seminar
BIB 1303 – Introduction to the Old Testament
BIB 1304 – Introduction to the New Testament
KIN 1100 – Principles of Personal Fitness & Wellness
Two KIN 1-hour activity courses
GEN 4100 – Senior Seminar

Communication in a Variety of Modes and Media (9 hours)
COM 1310 – Fundamentals of Human Communication
ENG 1311 – English Composition I
ENG 1312 – Composition II Writing

Scientific and Mathematical Reasoning (7 hours)
College Algebra (MAT 1351 or higher)
Lab Science (4 hours)

Arts, Culture and Citizenship (15 hours)
Literature (2000 level English Literature)
History (3 hours)
GOV 2311 – American Government
Social Science (Psychology, Sociology, History, or Political Science)
Fine Arts Appreciation Course

Foreign Language (12 hours)
Greek or Greek/Hebrew recommended

Technology Component (3 hours)
CIS 1339 – Introduction to Information Technology

Optional Minor Area (18-24 hours)

Electives (16-40 hours)

Total Hours Required: 124 hours

Students must maintain a 2.00 overall GPA and a 2.50 GPA in their major.