Mission and Goals of HPU’s Social Work Program

Social Work Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Social Work Program is to prepare students in a Christian context as generalist practitioners for service at baccalaureate entry level positions by ensuring that they will have the requisite competencies and corresponding practice behaviors to effectively assist those in their community and greater society with integrity and competence.

Social Work Program Goals

The goals of the Social Work Program are:

1. To ensure that students are committed to the social work profession, its value base and code of ethics.
2. To enhance student awareness of the social context of practice, the changing nature of those contexts, the behavior of organizations and the dynamics of change.
3. To equip students to work with sensitivity and understanding of dissimilar populations while embracing the diversity that exists in their cultural milieu.
4. To develop graduates who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required to promote the dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationships, and social justice.
5. To produce professionals who will provide leadership in advocating for and empowering those who experience discrimination and oppression.