School of Music and fine Arts Departments

School of Music and Fine Arts Departments

Consult your academic advisor and/or the HPU Catalog for specific degree requirements.


Minors in art will learn to produce solutions to contemporary visual problems employing the disciplines of art history, art production, aesthetics and art criticism. Students will learn to appreciate the contribution of the visual arts world culture and enable the graduate to go into the world equipped to think, create, and act as Christians within the discipline of art.


Those studying communication will learn to think critically, communicate effectively and develop constructive abilities through print, broadcast and verbal and nonverbal means of communication.

The communication studies curriculum provides a liberal arts approach to the study of human communication and strives to equip individuals to become more proficient communicators. It also assists in training those who want to teach speech in public education.


The Department of Music seeks to prepare students for careers in the field of music. Performance is strongly emphasized in the department, and students have a wide variety of opportunities to perform both in ensembles and as soloists. The choral and instrumental fields have extensive ensemble offerings, including Concert Choir, University Singers, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Heritage Singers, and Winds of Triumph, in addition to several small ensembles.

Howard Payne University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (or NASM).


The Department of Theatre encourages critical thinking, creative endeavor and the development of the multiple crafts of theatre through experiences explored in rehearsal, performance and in the classroom.

The theatre program introduces the student to the history, literature and production/performance philosophies, styles and techniques of theatre from the ancient Greeks to the present. Students receive a balance of theory and opportunities for performance/production work through an annual series of main-stage productions. This prepares students for careers in teaching, further study in graduate school or careers in theatre or allied fields.

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