BSN Admission Information and Requirements

Admission Criteria

There are specific admission criteria for entrance to the Howard Payne University (HPU) School of Nursing Pre-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Education Program.  The HPU university catalog contains this information.

The selection process is governed by the HPU School of Nursing Faculty. Early admission paperwork is due to the School of Nursing by March 1. Late admission paperwork must be submitted no later than May 1.

Once students have completed admission paperwork and have submitted all information required faculty will utilize an admission criteria worksheet to rate students and admit based on rating and number of open seats.

Admissions Requirements include:

  1. Accepted or currently enrolled as a student at HPU (Click here to apply for general admission to HPU)
  2. Completed application packet (Early Admission Due Date: March 1; Late Admission Due Date: May 1)
  3. American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR) Healthcare Provider (Call the HPU School of Nursing to register for a CPR course)
  4. Immunization Records (Note: Additional agency requirements may occur during clinical rotations requiring additional vaccinations)
    1. Hepatitis B (3 HepB immunizations)
    2. Measles, mumps, rubella (1 dose of MMR or evidence of immunity)
    3. Meningococcal (MenACWY) (within 5 year period)
    4. Tetanus, diphtheria, & pertussis (TDAP) (must be current within 10 years)
    5. Varicella (evidence of immunity, immunization-2 doses, or titer)
    6. Zoster for individuals over 50 years old (2 doses of RZV preferred or 1 dose of ZVL)
    7. Pneumococcal for individuals over 65 years old (1 dose of PCV13 and PPSV23 one year after receiving PCV13)
    8. TB Skin Test 2-Step (Two Annual Mantoux- TST that is negative are required). If TB test is positive, chest x-ray or Interferon Gamma Release Assay or IGRA (blood test) results may be submitted.
    9. Influenza Vaccine Annual
  5. Recommendation Forms (2); from a current or former college instructor/professor
  6. 3.0 GPA cumulative
  7. HESI® A2 with critical thinking entrance exam
  8. General Education and Nursing Pre-requisite Requirements
    1. Bible (Old and New Testament)
    2. Math (College Algebra and Statistics)
    3. History
    4. Government
    5. Biology (Health Professions Seminar)
    6. English (Composition I & II, Literature)
    7. University Seminar
    8. Kinesiology (Principles of Personal Fitness and Wellness and 2 Activity courses)
    9. Communication
    10. Medical Terminology
    11. Fine Arts
  9. Prerequisite courses which require a B or above
    1. Pathophysiology or General Biology
    2. Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry
  10. Prerequisite courses which require a C or above
    1. Anatomy and Physiology I & II
    2. College Algebra
    3. Intro to Psychology
    4. Fundamentals of Microbiology
    5. Lifespan Development
  11. Criminal Background Check completed and cleared by the Texas Board of Nursing as eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam (follow the instruction on the following form to complete the background check)

Pre-Entrance Examination: HESI® A2 Testing Requirements

*Call the HPU School of Nursing to register for the HESI® A2 exam

It is strongly recommended that students’ wait until they have successfully completed all required English, mathematics and science courses (Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology) before attempting the exam.

A minimum score of 75% is required on each science section (Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology & Anatomy and Physiology I & II).  If the HESI® A2 is re-taken to improve scores, the student only has to show proficiency (75%) once in each section during each admission cycle.  Additionally, a HESI® A2 cumulative score of 75% or better and critical thinking score of 750 or better is required.

HESI® A2 Scores will become a part of the applicant’s admission consideration file.  HESI® A2 scores are considered valid for two admission cycles.  After which, all sections must be retaken.

HESI® A2 may only be retaken once per admission cycle.  HESI® exam scores from another institution may be sent to HPU, if all of the required sections were taken. If any part of the HESI® A2 exam required was not completed, the score report will not be accepted, and the student will be expected to sit for the full HESI® A2 entrance exam.

To transfer test results, the student must contact Elsevier to request the scores be sent to HPU Admissions Committee Chairperson. A nominal fee is charged by Elsevier for this service.

HESI® Exam re-test requirments

Applicants who must re-test are required to wait 30 days.  Applicants may only take the HESI® A2 test twice within the academic year, between January 1 and December 31.  These factors and deadlines should be considered when scheduling to take the initial test.  The identical procedure will be utilized taking the second test, as set forth in the initial test.

Health Records and Immunizations

Being free of communicable diseases is critical for students, and students must be protected against communicable diseases during clinical experiences. During the application for admission process, students must submit verification of all immunizations required by the university as well as those required by the School of Nursing.

See Admission Requirements for the list of immunizations required. Other vaccinations may be required by specific clinical agencies. Students will be informed of additional requirements as needed.

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