Early Alert Program

Howard Payne University is committed to student success and retention. Our students matter to us. To ensure that our students have the opportunity to access the programs available to enhance their academic journey, the Collegium has implemented an Early Alert referral process for faculty and staff. This program is designed to facilitate the early detection of students who may be experiencing academic difficulty and connecting them to a variety of support services.

How does the Early Alert System work?

• First, a member of the HPU faculty submits a referral to the Collegium through the online form.

• Next, a staff member in the Collegium reviews the referral and contacts the student via phone, e-mail or campus mail and arranges a face-to-face interview with the student. This interview is intended to help the Collegium staff learn more about the student’s specific needs and begin the process of connecting the student to the appropriate services.

• Finally, the instructor is contacted via e-mail by the Collegium to followup on the progress made with the student. Information that is considered confidential will not be revealed to the instructor without the student’s consent.

• The Collegium staff will maintain contact with the student for the remainder of the semester to follow up and provide ongoing support.

The following links will connect you to specific information about Early Alert.

Early Alert Referral

The Early Alert Referral form is now located on CampusConnect.