Tutoring Services

The HPU Peer Tutoring Center is staffed by qualified peer tutors who are available to assist all HPU students in optimizing their academic potential. If you need assistance with a particular subject or study skills, we encourage you to visit the Peer Tutoring Center early in the semester to get acquainted with our trained tutors.

There is no charge to current HPU students for tutoring services. The following links connect you with more information about our facility as well as with other study skills and academic success information. Your academic success is our primary focus.

Hours and Location

The peer tutoring center is located in the Thompson Academic Complex (TAC), rooms 304 and 314.

Walk-In Peer Tutoring: Monday – Thursday, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Peer Tutoring By Appointment: Varies by tutor availability, Monday-Friday only. To request a tutor, please use form below or contact tutoring@hputx.edu.

Professional tutors are available online, on demand, for HPU students, at no charge.  (See “Brainfuse” under Course Tools in Blackboard.)


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