Gold and Blue Alumni Alliance

Howard Payne University Alumni who give $50 or more join the Gold and Blue Alumni Alliance. By joining, you band together with other HPU graduates in continuing to offer life-transforming education centered on Christ. Half supports the Alumni Association in funding the many ways they serve our students throughout the year, and the other $25 will go to the fund of your choice. As our way of saying “thank you” for partnering with HPU, we will send you a Tumbler branded with the Gold and Blue Alliance logo.

The Howard Payne University Alumni Association is passionate about engaging with the University and making an impact on its students. Currently, the percentage of HPU alumni who give to the university is roughly 7%. Your participation with the Gold and Blue Alumni Alliance will help HPU get closer to 12%, the private university national average for alumni giving back to their alma mater.

Gold and Blue Alumni Alliance Tumbler