The Guy D. Newman Honors Academy Renovation Project

About The Project

As HPU and its honors program look to the years ahead, the future is bright, with a revitalized Academy of Freedom building at the forefront. Begun in the fall of 2019, renovations to the facility will preserve the building’s historical vitality and the artifacts contained within, while also lending a renewed value to the functionality of the building.

Recurring Gifts

To find out how you can make a recurring contribution to the Honors Academy Renovation project, click the link below. 


A pledge to the Academy Renovation can be paid over the course of 12 to 36 months. To make a pledge click below. 

Fundraising Progress: $2,000,000 Goal

$775,698 Raised
Individual Donors

Naming Opportunities

A. Hall of Douglas MacArthur ($500,000)

B. Liberty and Justice Hall ($250,000)

C. Duty, Honor, Country Windowlights ($100,000)

D. Seminar ($100,000)

E. Courtyard ($100,000)

F. Lecture Hall ($75,000)

G. Lecture Hall ($75,000)


H. Lecture Hall ($75,000)

I. Directors’ Room ($30,000)

J. Faculty Office ($20,000)

K. Faculty Office ($20,000)

L. Faculty Office ($20,000)

M. Faculty Office ($20,000)

N. Reception Office ($15,000)

Additional Opportunities

The 18 windows covering the front hallway are a signature feature of the Academy building. The windows reflect the Academy’s motto as lights of faith and knowledge. The light from the outside illuminates the values taught within, which Academy students and graduates are encouraged to model transparently to a watching world. Donors can sponsor these windows at $10,000 each. A plaque will be placed in honor of the donor or the donor’s designee.

The Founder’s Library will house the records and memorabilia of Dr. Guy D. Newman and Colonel Russell O. Fudge, the program’s founders. This library also has a naming opportunity at $50,000, which will include a plaque recognizing the donor or the donor’s designee.