Campus Improvements

This fund will provide the resources for critical upgrades to infrastructure and campus buildings for first-rate spaces to live, learn and play. 

campus improvements fund

The Campus Improvements Fund helps support specific projects like the outdoor volleyball court renovation, the new Piano/Keyboard lab and the Newbury Family Welcome Center. This fund also supports the needed updates to residence halls, apartments, athletic facilities and more.

Through your generous gift, you can help give new generations of HPU students a unique and memorable college experience. 

Recurring Gifts

To find out how you can make a recurring contribution to the Campus Improvements Fund, click the link below. 

Piano Lab

The Department of Music is used by all students with a music major as part of four semesters of requisite instruction. Your support of the Campus Improvements fund helps ensure lab materials are up to date. 

Volleyball Courts

HPU’s sand volleyball courts are used in intramural sports and recreation activities for students. Your support has helped with recent renovations and keeps the courts maintained. 

Veda Hodge Hall

Veda Hodge Hall is home to more than 250 students each school year. Your support of the Campus Improvements fund has helped with recent renovations, ensuring students have access to high quality residential facilities. 

Athletic Facilities

Your support helps to keep HPU’s athletic facilities up-to-date and provides for renovation projects necessary to help student-athletes represent the university. 

Wilson Gate and Walkway

A key feature of the iconic HPU traditions or Chime In and Chime Out, the Wilson Gate and Walkway are central part of campus architecture. Your support of the Campus Improvements helps to maintain the Walkway and Gate.