Micah 6:8 Conference

The Micah 6:8 Conference was held at Howard Payne University on October 26 and 27. Watch presentations from the conference below. 

Commissioning Service for Dr. David Sanchez

During the conference opening, a commissioning service was held for Dr. David Sanchez, Ethics and Justice Director for the Christian Life Commission. Click below to watch Dr. Sanchez’s speech and remarks from Dr. Gus Reyes. 

Conference Speakers

Jeremy Everett

Founder and Executive Director at the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty – (See full bio here)

Jeremy Everett | Micah 6.8

"Meeting the Needs of Hungry Children & Families During COVID-19"

Learn about the creative ways organizations are developing scalable, multi-sectoral responses to addressing child food insecurity and how we might improve conditions for families moving forward. 

Kathryn Freeman

Writer and Advocate – (See full bio here

Kathryn Freeman | Micah 6:8

"Women's Issues and Covid-19"

Learn about how women have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the church’s role in implementing solutions. 

Dr. Katie Frugé

Director of Hunger and Care Ministries for the Christian Life Commission – (See full bio here)

Katie Frugè | Micah 6:8

"The Mission and Work of the Christian Life Commission"

Learn about how the CLC is engaging with the unprecedented surge in justice-related issues and questions in 2020, what Texas Baptists are doing to engage in the issues of 2020, and hear how the Texas Baptists have pivoted to meet the ministry needs in a COVID-19 world. 

Chaplain Mark Grace

Chief of Mission and Ministry for Baylor Scott and White Health – (See full bio here)

Mark Grace | Micah 6.8

"When Mercy and Justice Meet, and Truth Springs from the Ground: Understanding and Addressing Disparities in Health Care"

Participants will deepen their understanding of the challenges and opportunities to address the following pernicious problems that impact the quality of life and life expectancy for millions of people in the United States: 

  1. How institutional racism drives many health disparities and what Christians can do to address it. 
  2. How your zip code can predict your length of life.
  3. How the pandemic has affected disparities in health care. 
  4. Leaping beyond labels to center ourselves in Christ’s command to serve all people. Some alternatives to mudslinging and finger pointing. 

Dr. Gus Reyes

Director of the Christian Life Commission – (See full bio here)

Gus Reyes | Micah 6.8

"The CLC Engaging in Public Policy in Texas: Preparing for the 87th Legislative Session"

  1. Learn three things you should know about the upcoming legislative session. 
  2. How to get ready for the upcoming congress in Austin.
  3. Hear how the CLC is preparing for the 87th session.