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HPU to adjust academic programs and related staffing based on budget outlook

HPU Old Main Tower PlazaBROWNWOOD – November 8, 2018 – Howard Payne University recently announced plans to reduce or otherwise modify selected academic programs to strengthen the institution’s footing in an increasingly challenging higher-education landscape. The moves were unanimously approved by HPU’s Board of Trustees at a meeting on November 2.

While the university’s long-term financial standing is stable due to a strong endowment and prudent resource management as demonstrated by the Board of Trustees, in recent years the annual operating budget has been strained due to a range of underpopulated courses and decreased external scholarship assistance for students.

The curriculum revisions were the result of a lengthy evaluation process prompted by decreased resources and other difficult trends in faith-based education.

“While there may be little comfort in this reality, our challenges are not unique,” said Dr. Paul W. Armes, HPU’s interim president. “There is simply no way for tuition-driven colleges to live beyond their means. That trajectory must change if these institutions are to move forward positively.”

HPU’s leadership has been facing these challenges for several years but sought other means to address them, due to the reality that personnel are connected to the programs that would be eliminated.

“This is a very painful process,” said Dr. Armes. “These changes are not a negative reflection on any individual employee or academic area but are simply realities we must face if we are to be responsible in our budgeting.”

After considering underperforming majors, the board acted to close 10 majors/minors and reconfigure seven others. All students with affected degree plans have been notified of these changes and the university will honor the curriculum that each student started. If a student wishes to change to another major at HPU or transfer to another institution, advisors and deans will give necessary assistance.

As a result of the program reorganization and realignment, the university closed one full-time administrative support position and 12 full-time faculty positions, including two faculty positions that were already planned to be vacancies in the next fiscal year.  All personnel who will be leaving the institution as a result of program closures will be provided with transition assistance.

The following majors/minors (listed by school) have been eliminated due to program realignment:

• Christian Studies – Biblical Languages (to be merged with the Bible major), Cross-Cultural Studies (to be merged with the Christian Education major)
• Humanities – Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Spanish (changing from major to minor)
• Music and Fine Arts – Art (changing from major to minor), Church Music and Worship (to be merged with the Bachelor of Arts – Music), Journalism, Music Performance (to be merged with the Bachelor of Arts – Music), Piano Pedagogy (to be merged with the Bachelor of Arts – Music)
• Science and Mathematics – Forensic Science

Not all of the above closures required personnel changes, and those individuals facing transition have already been notified.

Additionally, curricular realignments are being made in all academic areas to move toward greater efficiency and effectiveness. The following are specific areas (listed by school) with adjustments made at this time:

• Business – Master of Business Administration
• Education – Master of Education in Sport and Wellness Leadership
• Music and Fine Arts – Theatre
• Science and Mathematics – Computer Information Systems, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering Science

“The board looked at several options,” said Dr. Armes. “In the end, the trustees approved the most compassionate and minimalist course they felt that they could. From my perspective, their action was careful, considered and generous.”


HPU speech and debate team competes at Oklahoma tournament

BROWNWOOD – November 1, 2018 – Student Speaker Bureau, Howard Payne University’s speech and debate team, recently competed at The Storm Classic speech and debate tournament at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Lucy Manning and Ben Olin were quarterfinalists as a debate team that beat teams from Texas State University, Texas Christian University and others. Manning is a sophomore communication, social sciences jurisprudence and Guy D. Newman Honors Academy major from Fort Worth and Olin is a freshman communication, psychology and Guy D. Newman Honors Academy major from Howe.

“This first tournament of the year was a very difficult one, with many different forensics programs from the Midwest, Oklahoma and Texas, and we competed extremely well against them,” said Dr. Julie Welker, chair of the Department of Communication, professor of communication and coach of the Student Speaker Bureau.

Manning also advanced to finals in informative speaking, with her speech titled “Gaming in the Classroom.”

Madison Neal, junior communication and social sciences jurisprudence major from Chandler, advanced to finals in extemporaneous speaking. Alek Mendoza, freshman theatre major from Bangs, also competed at the tournament.

For more information about HPU’s Student Speaker Bureau, visit

Applications are being accepted for the spring 2019 semester at Howard Payne University ( HPU offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships for students from Brown County and surrounding counties. For more information about HPU, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at

Accreditation of HPU’s social work program reaffirmed until 2025

BROWNWOOD – August 10, 2018 – The Council on Social Work Education’s Commission on Accreditation announced during the spring 2018 semester that the accreditation of Howard Payne University’s social work program has been reaffirmed until 2025. The program was first accredited by CSWE in 1997 and has been subsequently reaccredited on three occasions.

Graduates from accredited social work programs are eligible to take the state’s baccalaureate social work licensing exam, which enhances their employability. Additionally, for those planning to attend graduate schools upon completing their degrees at HPU, participation in an accredited undergraduate program such as HPU’s will reduce the number of hours required to obtain a Master of Social Work degree.

More than 20 alumni from HPU’s social work program are employed in the helping profession in the Brownwood community.

“HPU’s social work program has a long history of preparing students to help meet the needs of those at the margins of society,” said Dr. Millard Kimery, dean of HPU’s School of Humanities. “We’re proud to receive this notice of our reaffirmation and look forward to another seven years of excellence.”

The program’s accreditation was reaffirmed during the tenure of Dan Humeniuk, now retired from his role as assistant professor of social work and chair of HPU’s Department of Social Work and Sociology.


Six graduate from HPU’s El Paso Center

BROWNWOOD – August 8, 2018 – Six students from Howard Payne University’s El Paso Center were recognized during the university’s Commencement ceremony in Brownwood at the end of the spring 2018 semester.

HPU El Paso graduates included:

Javier Aguilera – Master of Education in Instructional Leadership degree
Michelle Escajeda – Master of Educational in Instructional Leadership degree
Kelly Knott, Jr. – Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree (business administration and Christian studies composite)
Cynthia Iglesias Medina – Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree (business administration)
Marnie Morales – Master of Education in Instructional Leadership degree
Ronald Douglas VanOrder – Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree (Christian studies composite)

The graduates were also honored in May at a ceremony in El Paso.

“We are all so very proud of these students and are confident that they will continue their mission of servant leadership for the kingdom of God,” said Dr. Adrian Gil, director of the El Paso Center and professor of business.

HPU’s El Paso Center is now enrolling for the fall 2018 semester. For more information, visit, call 915-533-8500 or e-mail


Six graduate from HPU’s New Braunfels Center

BROWNWOOD – August 7, 2018 – Six students from Howard Payne University’s New Braunfels Center were recognized during the university’s Commencement ceremony in Brownwood at the end of the spring 2018 semester.

“It always excites the New Braunfels faculty and staff to see our students have academic success,” said Dr. Benjamin Martin, assistant vice president of the New Braunfels Center.

Dr. Martin noted that, with this graduating class, the total number of graduates from the New Braunfels Center has exceeded 50.

Students must have a 3.55-3.69 grade-point average to graduate Cum Laude; a 3.70-3.84 GPA to graduate Magna Cum Laude; and a 3.85-4.0 GPA to graduate Summa Cum Laude.

HPU New Braunfels graduates included:

Christopher Diaz – Master of Business Administration degree
Christina Duncan – Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree (Christian studies composite)
Andrew Erwin – Master of Business Administration degree
Gregorey Fuller – Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree (business administration and criminal justice), Cum Laude
Ashlye Grover – Bachelor of Science degree (business administration)
Kenneth Willfong – Master of Business Administration degree

HPU’s New Braunfels Center is now enrolling for the fall 2018 semester. For more information, visit, call (830) 629-2366 or e-mail


HPU honors 241 for academic success during spring 2018 semester

HPU campus skylineBROWNWOOD, TEXAS – June 11, 2018 – Howard Payne University honored 241 students for academic success during the spring 2018 semester. Students must earn a 4.0 grade point average to be named to the President’s List, a 3.65-3.99 grade point average to be named to the Dean’s List and a 3.5-3.64 grade point average to be named to the Honor Roll.

Receiving honors were:

Kylie Johnson, President’s List

Miranda Rice, Honor Roll

Skyler Schoolfield, President’s List

Brianna Weaver, President’s List

Jessica Catlett, President’s List

Cyle Johnson, Dean’s List
Audrey Kirkland, President’s List
Natalie Stephens, President’s List

Bryan Bourque, Dean’s List
Taylor Davis, President’s List

Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Rachel White, Dean’s List

Emma Reed, President’s List
Cade Varrichio, Honor Roll

Erin Buergner, President’s List
Christopher Dunn, Dean’s List
Marissa Godbey, President’s List
Riley Morrison, Honor Roll
Luke Victor, Honor Roll

Jarryd Evans, Dean’s List
Landon James, Honor Roll
Jordan Pitman, President’s List

Rickey Guillory, Dean’s List

Abigail Miller, President’s List

Charles Lewis, Honor Roll

Suzanne Schad, President’s List

Travis Adams, Dean’s List
Amy Baskin, Dean’s List
Kelsy Bellah, President’s List
Audrey Binion, Honor Roll
Kaitlyn Bush, President’s List
Kinsey Colegrove, Dean’s List
Amanda Collins, President’s List
Regina Dunlap, President’s List
Tanya Glasscock, President’s List
Kristen Herring, President’s List
Kindell Hill, Honor Roll
Tiffany Hogue, Honor Roll
Kimberlyn Ho, President’s List
Sierra Jackson, President’s List
Hannah Justice, President’s List
Joel Justice, President’s List
Weston Kirbo, Dean’s List
Jensen Limer, President’s List
Cheyanne Lovelady, Dean’s List
Jennifer Martinez, Honor Roll
Grace Milcherska, President’s List
Pearline Minor, Honor Roll
Marleyna Murray, President’s List
Bailey Myler, Honor Roll
Hannah Netherton, President’s List
Debbie Odom, President’s List
Shantel Oplotnik, Dean’s List
Seth Owen, Dean’s List
Tandi Patton, President’s List
Tanner Pennington, President’s List
Aaron Pulley, Honor Roll
Gip Sills, Dean’s List
Isaac Sommers, President’s List
Stephanie Tarigan, Dean’s List
Stephanie Thompson, President’s List
Chancey Thurmon, Dean’s List
Keegan Torres, President’s List
Brayden Towell, Dean’s List
Connor Vara, Honor Roll
Caitlin Vincent, President’s List
Tricia Webb, Dean’s List

McKenna Walker, Honor Roll

Preston Davis, President’s List
Madelyn Deviney, Dean’s List

Lexie Hobby, President’s List

Jordan Hahn, President’s List

Caddo Mills
Tabitha Moore, Honor Roll

Sierra Ross, President’s List

Canyon Country, California
Matthew Davis, Honor Roll

Canyon Lake
Alyssa Henry, Dean’s List

Cedar Park
Nicole Goodwin, Dean’s List

Madison Neal, Dean’s List
Carter Renfro, Honor Roll

Robert Caraway, Honor Roll
Tonya Thompson, Honor Roll
Camille Webb, President’s List

Clifton, Colorado
Caleb Kostreva, President’s List

Allison Auvenshine, President’s List
Enna Carroll, Dean’s List
Collin Davis, Honor Roll
Meagan Hanson, President’s List
Jaze Randolph, Dean’s List

Ryan Mason, Dean’s List

Sadee Regian, Honor Roll

Audrey Simpson, President’s List

Cecily McIlwain, Honor Roll

Spencer Wolverton, President’s List

Hunter Coffee, Dean’s List
Shaunna Connelly, Dean’s List
Abraham Cooper, President’s List
Jakayli Coppic, Honor Roll
Conner Drew, President’s List
Jacob Ledbetter, Honor Roll
Dylan Person, Dean’s List
Meagan Sessler, Dean’s List

Anna McBride, Dean’s List

Karla Zachary, President’s List

El Paso
Rodolfo Castro, Honor Roll
Mary Martinez, Honor Roll

Dorian Buitron, Dean’s List

Brittany Cortez, Dean’s List

Fort Worth
Andrew Errico, Dean’s List
Brooke Gibbs, President’s List
Lucy Manning, President’s List
Reed Shelley, President’s List
Collin Wright, Dean’s List

Kalin Brown, President’s List

Rebekah Barnett, President’s List

Garden Ridge
Camila Cotter, Dean’s List

Augusta Johnson, Dean’s List

Breanna Hunt, Honor Roll
Ty Wright, Honor Roll

Ryan Miles, Dean’s List

Sarah Fernandez, Honor Roll
Hanna Henson, President’s List

Seth Rainey, Dean’s List

McKinzey Boyer, Dean’s List
Madison Miller, Dean’s List
Katelyn O’Conner, President’s List

Grand Prairie
Gabriella Diaz De Leon, Dean’s List

Haltom City
Dayane Gutierrez, President’s List

Kade Kahanek, Honor Roll

Trey Carpenter, Dean’s List

Harker Heights
Jada Evans, President’s List
Anna Leffers, President’s List

Cody Hughes, President’s List

Kira Teel, Honor Roll

Sara Heinrichs, President’s List

Jeremiah Wenzel, Dean’s List

Lindsey Krueger, President’s List

Hunter Bazan, President’s List

John Killough, Dean’s List

Noah Acord, Honor Roll

Abner Reyes, President’s List

Anissa Peralta, Dean’s List

Julia James, President’s List

Anastasia Willis, Dean’s List

Talon Davis-Rentfro, Honor Roll

Tyla Tipton, Honor Roll
Maggie Van Nes, Dean’s List

Hailey Green, President’s List

Catrina Hooten, President’s List
Morgan Patterson, President’s List

Kaytlin Hunkins, Dean’s List
Tyler James, Honor Roll

Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Wesley Smith, Dean’s List

Hope Veroneau, Dean’s List

Matthew Martin, Dean’s List

Lebanon, Oregon
Joshua Gerig, Dean’s List

Little Elm
Kailey Doering, President’s List
Brady Wade, President’s List

Rachel Hughes, Dean’s List

Jacob Salazar, Honor Roll

Rebekah Lytle, President’s List

Rachel Henry, Honor Roll

Donna Moses, Dean’s List
Hannah Williams, President’s List

Emily Villarreal, Dean’s List

Tara Carroll, President’s List
Fred Zavala, President’s List

Kori Harrison, Honor Roll
Harlei Struck, Dean’s List

Stephen Featherston, Honor Roll

Kimberly Bogart, President’s List
Britt Boler, Dean’s List
Jacob Lehrer, Honor Roll

Emily Ball, Dean’s List
James Laney, Dean’s List

Midway, Arkansas
David Manolof, Dean’s List
Jessica Swonger, President’s List

Garrett Ford, Honor Roll

Mount Pleasant
Paul Chandler, President’s List
Maci Dorsey, President’s List
Joshua Dykes, Dean’s List

Zoe Emley, Honor Roll
Andrew Overmiller, Honor Roll

New Braunfels
Emily Dixon, President’s List
Adelaide Joralemon, President’s List
Travis Kiers, Honor Roll
Eric Lehr, President’s List

Carissa Higbee, President’s List

North Richland Hills
Lacey Eagan, President’s List

Larry Potter, Dean’s List
Destiny Ramirez, President’s List
Julie Yarbro, Honor Roll

Colton Horton, Honor Roll

Pipe Creek
Aryn Morris, President’s List

Grant Saltar, Dean’s List

Keeley McKinney, Dean’s List

Scott Wright, President’s List

Rio Hondo
Josue Garza, Dean’s List

Rising Star
Kinsey Nall, President’s List

Michaela Brandt, Dean’s List

Benjamin Blanchard, President’s List
Brian Blanchard, Dean’s List
Erin Blanchard, Dean’s List

Round Rock
Stephanie Rike, President’s List
Penny Stehlik President’s List

Rachel Carpenter, President’s List
Austin Miller, Honor Roll

Runaway Bay
Lainee Hasty, Dean’s List

San Angelo
Wesley Haman, Dean’s List
Juan Luna, Honor Roll
Adriana Mata, Dean’s List
Erin McCleer, President’s List

San Antonio
Brittany Brown, President’s List
DeVanté Donald, Honor Roll
Sabrina Martinez, President’s List
Collin Salyers, President’s List
Micah Smith, President’s List

San Saba
Caelob, Hardman, Honor Roll

Jenna Stuard, President’s List

Britni Hays, Honor Roll

Shadd Cole, Dean’s List

Michael Hazard, President’s List

Elizabeth Reynolds, President’s List

Cali Brockway, President’s List

Trophy Club
Chase Pittman, Honor Roll

Sierra Bennett, President’s List
Lillie McDonald, Dean’s List

Kayla Chadwick, Honor Roll

Ariana Rehm, President’s List

Valley Mills
Lance Bracco, Honor Roll

Chandler Clark, Honor Roll
Chelsey Harris, Dean’s List

Daniela Puente, Dean’s List

Kaitlyn Harrison, President’s List

Sidney Ganus, President’s List
Michael Nowak, Honor Roll

Morgan Andie McCoy, President’s List

Cassia Rose, President’s List

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2018 semester at Howard Payne University ( HPU offers a variety of financial aid options. For more information about HPU, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Finding community at HPU: Haylee Maddox uses her time to challenge herself and form relationships

By Seth Rainey, HPU junior

BROWNWOOD – April 27, 2018 – As she searched for colleges to continue her academic career, sophomore Haylee Maddox of Bellville sought out a place where she would be challenged to grow spiritually and academically.

“College is this beautiful time to be challenged in every way because you’re not going to get this time back,” Maddox said.

Haylee Maddox for webIn her college search, she found Howard Payne University to be an institution that would fulfill her academic and spiritual goals, while also giving her the possibility of playing softball at the collegiate level. However, due to injuries in her later years of high school, she was unable to pursue college athletics. Additionally, Maddox chose to participate in a year-long Christian Leadership program known as “Link Year,” paving a nontraditional path for the future HPU student.

She did not visit the campus until Day 1, an HPU-hosted event at which incoming students come to campus in the spring and early summer to register for their first classes at HPU. Upon arriving, she immediately recognized a sense of intentional interconnectedness between fellow students and determined to find her place within this community.

“Right off the bat, I found a solid friend group and got plugged in with the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM),” said Maddox.

These first experiences in university life, what she dubbed the “real world” away from family and familiar surroundings, gave her hope of finding belonging at college.

Maddox is challenging herself academically as a double major in practical theology and communication. She is also very involved in extracurricular activities, participating in numerous student organizations.

She recently became the president of HPU’s Christian women’s sorority Pi Theta Chi. Additionally, she is on the BSM’s leadership committee and serves as a sophomore senator in the Student Government Association. She also writes for “The Yellow Jacket” student newspaper and serves as the treasurer for Appointed, an organization for women going into ministry.

Maddox believes that student involvement in campus life enhances the university experience. She is active in a variety of capacities to help others benefit from personal participation.

“I truly want HPU to be for everyone else what it is for me,” said Maddox.

She appreciates the chances HPU has offered her to get to know a diverse group of people. The university’s size and structure allow students to serve in multiple ways. She said this accessibility to involvement is part of what makes HPU unique.

“There are so many influential people here, but they aren’t concentrated in one area,” said Maddox. “I really like the involvement that everyone has here on campus.”

Looking back, Maddox recalled that she thought she knew what to expect from college when she was in high school. However, the differences between her expectations and reality have been enriching to her.

“HPU has been exactly what I needed from my college experience,” she said, “and what I continue to need.”

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2018 semester at Howard Payne University ( HPU offers a variety of financial aid options for students. For more information about HPU, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Cutline: HPU student Haylee Maddox speaks during the weekly university chapel service.

Japanese Debate Association members participate in forum at HPU

Japanese National Debate TeamBROWNWOOD – April 9, 2018 – Howard Payne University’s Student Speaker Bureau Speech and Debate Team recently held discussion sessions with Japanese students Kanaru Sato and Takuya Higuchi, the 2018 Japanese National Team from the Japan Debate Association.

The campus events, which focused on the importance of dialogue as a means of understanding intercultural and international differences, were hosted by the Student Speaker Bureau as a part of the National Communication Association’s Committee on International Discussion and Debate.

“The exchange of culture and opinions is a good opportunity for us and the institutions we are touring,” said Higuchi. “Through this exchange, we can learn more about our own culture as well as other cultures.”

Sato and Higuchi spoke with HPU students about the criminal justice system of Japan, cultural differences between the United States and Japan, and the value of and strategies for academic debate.

“Hosting these two Japanese students was an excellent opportunity for HPU students to engage with international students on a one-on-one basis,” said Dr. Julie Welker, professor and chair of HPU’s Department of Communication.

The visiting debate team members stopped at HPU during a two-week tour of seven U.S. colleges and universities. Other academic institutions on the tour were Weber State University, Randolph-Macon College, Duquesne University, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Southern California and California State University.

“It has been interesting to visit some of the states in the U.S. and see their unique cultures,” said Higuchi.

Applications are being accepted for the fall 2018 semester at Howard Payne University. HPU offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships for students from Brown County and surrounding counties. For more information about HPU, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Cutline: Takuya Higuchi (left) and Kanaru Sato (right) field questions from HPU students.

HPU honors 232 for academic success during fall 2017 semester

BROWNWOOD – February 6, 2018 – Howard Payne University honored 232 students for academic success during the fall 2017 semester. Students must earn a 4.0 grade point average to be named to the President’s List, a 3.65-3.99 grade point average to be named to the Dean’s List and a 3.5-3.64 grade point average to be named to the Honor Roll.

Receiving honors were:

Kylie Grace Johnson, President’s List

Sarah Elizabeth Carey, President’s List

Skyler Savanna Schoolfield, President’s List

Brianna Marie Weaver, Dean’s List

Jessica Claire Catlett, President’s List

Jay Taylor Holland, President’s List
Audrey Mae Kirkland, Honor Roll
Natalie Marie Stephens, Dean’s List

Bryan Lee Bourque, Dean’s List
Taylor Grace Davis, President’s List

Chelsea Paige Walker, Honor Roll

Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Rachel Leigh White, Dean’s List

Erin Elizabeth Buergner, President’s List
Jason Lee Disney, Honor Roll
Marissa Cheyenne Godbey, Dean’s List
Riley G. Morrison, Dean’s List
Joshua Tomas Rodriguez, Honor Roll
Luke Peter Victor, Dean’s List

Jarryd Blake Evans, Honor Roll

Jazmine Bridges, Dean’s List
Djimonii Rai Jackson, President’s List

Abigail Nicole Miller, Dean’s List

Sawyer Riley Fisher, Honor Roll

Isaac Conrad Herrera Sommers, President’s List

Jeffrey Scott Gilseth, Dean’s List

Suzanne Elizabeth Schad, President’s List

Skyler Andrews, Dean’s List
Katie Ellen Ash, President’s List
Amy Danielle Baskin, President’s List
Kelsy Anne Bellah, Honor Roll
Kaitlyn Danette Bush, President’s List
Kinsey Joy Colegrove, Honor Roll
Angela Leigh Curtis, Honor Roll
Regina Ellen Dunlap, Dean’s List
Lexie Shana Farar, Honor Roll
Nicole Elizabeth Ferrell, Honor Roll
Anissa Marie Garcia, Dean’s List
Tanya Renee Glasscock, President’s List
Katherine LeAnn Griffin, Honor Roll
Samantha Michelle Henry, President’s List
Kristen Leigh Herring, Dean’s List
Jessica Carol Huckaby, Honor Roll
Julia Lynne James, President’s List
Colton Ross Jenkins, Honor Roll
Alsatia Reighn Jowers, President’s List
Hannah Celeste Justice, Dean’s List
Joel Allen Justice, President’s List
Shelly LaDean King, Dean’s List
Weston Drew Kirbo, Honor Roll
Cheyanne Denise Lovelady, President’s List
Jennifer Yulissa Martinez, Dean’s List
Lindsey Rachel McKinney, President’s List
Grace Victoria Milcherska, President’s List
Travis Anthony Moraga, Honor Roll
Marleyna Kennedy Murray, President’s List
Bailey Claire Myler, Dean’s List
Hannah Jean Netherton, Dean’s List
Tanner Cole Pennington, President’s List
Megan Leanne Peterson, Dean’s List
Clara Octani Tarigan, Dean’s List
Stephanie Irene Tarigan, Dean’s List
Keegan Ryan Torres, President’s List
Caitlin Noel Vincent, President’s List

McKenna Kirsten Walker, Dean’s List

Madelyn Joy Deviney, President’s List

Mitchell Jennings, Honor Roll

Lexie Madeleine Hobby, Honor Roll

Jordan Elisabeth Hahn, President’s List

Canyon Lake
Alyssa L. Henry, Dean’s List

Sierra Anne Ross, President’s List

Kristin Anne Cunningham, President’s List

Cedar Park
Nicole Suzanne Goodwin, Dean’s List

Madison Rianna Neal, Dean’s List

Jaime Elizabeth Dodson, Dean’s List
Camille Webb, President’s List

Hillary Bryanne Jackson, Honor Roll

Clifton, Colorado
Caleb Josiah Kostreva, President’s List

Enna Mae Carroll, Dean’s List
Collin Russel Davis, Honor Roll
Meagan Michelle Hanson, President’s List
Jaze Mance Randolph, Dean’s List
Nicole Renee Rivera, Honor Roll

Ryan Wesley Mason, Dean’s List

Sadee Gail Regian, President’s List
Lucas Phillip Steinkamp, Dean’s List

Audrey Joan Simpson, President’s List

Cecily Noel McIlwain, Honor Roll

Bettina Ayna Ballet, President’s List
Spencer Kelly Wolverton, Dean’s List

Conner Mac Drew, President’s List
Kaitlyn Paige Harrison, President’s List
Morgan Tyler Lacy, Dean’s List
Jacob Warren Ledbetter, Dean’s List
Alexis Nicole Ray, Honor Roll
Stormie Jo Schoolcraft, Honor Roll
Meagan Elizabeth Sessler, President’s List
Preston Erika Smith, President’s List

Hailey Perrin, President’s List

El Paso
Roberto Elizalde, President’s List
Armando Ezequiel Monroy, Dean’s List
Robert Cordes Sweeny, Honor Roll
Kacie Lynn Valdez, Dean’s List

Anna Kaye McBride, Dean’s List

Karla Grace Zachary, Dean’s List

Brittany Nicole Cortez, Dean’s List

Fort Worth
Abbey Catherine Beardsley, Honor Roll
Andrew Christopher Errico, Honor Roll
Brooke Gibbs, Dean’s List
Clifford Lawson Lunceford, Honor Roll
Lucy Manning, Honor Roll
Vivian Thi Nguyen, President’s List
Reed Alexander Shelley, Honor Roll

Kalin Rose Brown, Dean’s List

Rebekah Ann Barnett, President’s List
Reagan Alexandra Ridlehuber, Dean’s List

Garden Ridge
Camila Michelle Cotter, Dean’s List

Augusta Marie Johnson, Dean’s List

Ty Wright, Dean’s List

Amber Lynn Breum, Dean’s List
Ryan Peyton Miles, Dean’s List

Hanna Danielle Henson, President’s List

Seth James Rainey, Honor Roll

Mackinzey Mishelle Boyer, Honor Roll
Katelyn Leigh O’Conner, Dean’s List

Bailey Brian Smith, Dean’s List

Jordan Alexandria Sweat, Dean’s List

Haltom City
Dayane Gutierrez, President’s List

Klaye Kiel Georges, Honor Roll

Harker Heights
Derek Nathan Anderson, Dean’s List
Jada Evans, President’s List
Anna Danielle Leffers, Dean’s List

Cody Harrison Hughes, President’s List

Sara A. Heinrichs, President’s List

Keith Douglas Baker, President’s List
Emily Elizabeth Craft, Honor Roll
Alejandro J. Molina, President’s List
Diana Torres, Honor Roll

Lindsey Brooke Krueger, Dean’s List
Tyler Adam Olin, President’s List

Hunter Gordon Bazan, President’s List
William Noah Payne, Honor Roll

Kathleen Diane Cravey, Dean’s List

Abner Abdia Reyes, Dean’s List

Kindell Amon Hill, President’s List
Anissa Joyce Peralta, President’s List

Josiah Quinn Hughes, Dean’s List
Anastasia Alexis Willis, President’s List

Talen Arman Davis-Rentfro, Dean’s List

Hailey Ann Green, President’s List
Emma Danielle Reed, President’s List

Brandy Bratton, Honor Roll
Catrina Leigh Hooten, Dean’s List
Morgan Makenzie Patterson, President’s List

Kaytlin Dianne Hunkins, Honor Roll
Tyler Lee James, Honor Roll

Alexandra Irene Thompson, Honor Roll

Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Wesley Timothy Smith, President’s List

League City
Thomas Harold Carte, Honor Roll

Matthew Adam Martin, Dean’s List

Liberty Hill
Chesney Beth Goza, Dean’s List

Graham Walters White, President’s List

Little Elm
Kailey Rebekah Doering, President’s List

Justin Christopher Hughes, Honor Roll

Los Fresnos
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HPU senior Carla Morales awarded UPS Scholarship

Carla MoralesBROWNWOOD – October 6, 2017 – Howard Payne University senior Carla Morales, a Spanish major and kinesiology minor from Magnolia, has been selected to receive a UPS Scholarship provided by the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) Foundation and its national partner, the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).

Carla is the daughter of Javier and Veronica Morales and a 2014 graduate of Magnolia High School.

At the national level, CIC teams up with the UPS Foundation to distribute funding of the UPS Scholarship. Through this program this year, the ICUT Foundation awarded $170,250 in UPS Scholarships to 39 students at private institutions across Texas.

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) is an association of more than 700 nonprofit independent colleges and universities and higher education affiliates and organizations that has worked since 1956 to support college and university leadership, advance institutional excellence, and enhance public understanding of private higher education’s contributions to society. CIC is the major national organization focused on providing services to leaders of independent colleges and universities as well as conferences, seminars and other programs that help institutions improve educational quality, administrative and financial performance, and institutional visibility. CIC conducts the largest annual conferences of college and university presidents and of chief academic officers. CIC also provides support to state associations that organize programs and generate contributions for their member colleges and universities, including the ICUT Foundation. The Council is headquartered at One Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit


Cutline: HPU senior Carla Morales is the recipient of this year’s UPS Scholarship.