Poster approval and Marketing Events

Marketing initiatives for Student Organization Events must be approved by submitting the form below.

Poster and Marketing Approval Form
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Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
Once the submitted poster is approved, it will automatically be added to all HPU Digital Signage.

HPU Posting Policy

Approved advertisements by registered student organizations should be posted for a period not longer than one month. Advertisements should be removed by the posting organization when expired. When posting, do not cover up existing flyers or take down other flyers unless they are clearly expired.

Additional guidelines for posting flyers, banners, handbills, or posters include:
1. Only 20 flyers may be posted on campus per event. Within the residence halls, only two flyers per facility are allowed. It is preferable to have an original copy stamped and then make copies to be posted.
2. Posting on automobiles is forbidden.
3. No glitter is to be used on any flyer, banner, handbill or poster.
4. Students should allow sufficient time in the event planning timeline to have advertisements approved, accounting for weekends and University breaks.
5. All flyers, banners, handbills, or posters must include the date, time, place, and the name of the sponsoring organization.
6. Advertising materials will not be stamped if they are laminated or if the stamp cannot be clearly seen from the front.
7. Post on designated bulletin boards only – not on doors, windows, light posts, walls, trees, outdoor furniture, etc. Help keep the Howard Payne campus attractive and free from clutter.

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