Student Organization Fundraisers

Only approved university student organizations may apply for fundraising projects. The organization must have an account number with the HPU Business Office. Potential donors may not be contacted before fundraising approval is granted via the Event Request Form.

There are several reasons for organization fundraising and/or solicitation of donations. These include fundraising to support:

  • approved school-related travel involving the representation of the university
  • approved mission trips
  • approved activities benefiting non-profit organizations
  • approved activities that promote campus community and student involvement

Following an approved fundraising event, the following steps are required:

  1. Donations, goods, money, and/or services must be reported to the Development Office.
  2. Received funds must be deposited into to the student organization’s account on campus. (Deposits should be made at the Cashier’s office.
  3. The student organization must send thank you notes or letters to the donors. This should be done in coordination with the Development Office.

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