Greek Life


What are fraternities and sororities?

Fraternities and sororities have existed on college campuses since the early 1850s.  At Howard Payne, our local chapters have history dating back as far as 50 years.  A fraternity or sorority is a group of men or women formed by a brotherhood or sisterhood and common goals and aspirations who make a commitment to each other for life. The members that form a fraternity or sorority share their efforts, friendship and knowledge. Together these members learn, grow and make the fraternity or sorority, commonly called a Greek organization, stronger. Their common experience builds ties that last a lifetime. These organizations are referred to as “Greek” because their names consist of Greek letters that serve as a reminder of the group’s values. 

At HPU we have 3 Local Sororities, 2 Local Fraternities, 2 Band-only groups (Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma) and 1 Theater interest group Alpha Psi Omega. Our Local Greek chapter’s only exist at Howard Payne.  Our Band and Theater chapters exist on campuses across the nation and have some different processes than our local chapters because they report to governing bodies outside of HPU. Students are encouraged to join one of our Greek organizations as a way to build a network of friends on campus, enhance your leadership skills, invest in the community and promote responsible citizenship, and promote high scholastic achievement.

How to Join

The process for joining one of our Greek chapters is different than joining any of our other student organizations.  Greek organizations are open to anyone on campus!  We have a six week new member education process that all students wishing to join participate in.  This process is tradition of Greek Life and a way for you to learn about our membership expectations.  Students wishing to begin the new member process must have completed 12 college credit hours and maintained a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

At HPU our Greek Recruitment happens in Spring to allow student to spend their Fall semester acclimating to campus life. This recruitment happens the second week of spring semester and the new member process begins the Tuesday of the third week of Spring semester.  Some chapters choose to participate in Fall Recruitment, but only students who have 12 credit hours or transferred to HPU can participate at that time.

To get involved in the recruitment process, attend one of our Organization Fairs the first week of either semester and get to know our chapters.  Recruitment is a structured process that involves you attending an interview with any chapters you are interested in joining.  You can interview as many chapters as you like.  Then on Bid Day, you will receive a Bid from any organization that wants you to join during the day.  You accept a Bid to join by attending that chapter’s Bid Day event that evening.

The University asks that you attend a New Member meeting prior to accepting a Bid.  This is the time for us to let you know what to expect during the new member process and ensure you are made aware of all our policies regarding this time.

Contact Us

Greek Life falls under the department of Student Activities.  Email or call 325-649-8305 with questions.