Intent to Chalk Form

Intent to Chalk Request Form
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By submitting this form, the individual and organization listed below agree to abide by the HPU Chalking Policy (outlined at the end of this page and in the HPU Student Handbook) and will be responsible to ensure the removal of all chalk markings either within five (5) business days from the beginning of the chalking, or within 24 hours following the event being advertised, whichever occurs first. Please allow 3 business days for approval.
Ex. Event Name, SGA Candidate, etc.
Must be within 5 Days of Beginning.

Campus Chalking Policy

1. Chalk on sidewalks is permitted for use by registered student organizations and University departments to publicize campus events. It is also permitted for SGA candidates according to the campaign guidelines furnished by Student Government.
2. Use of chalk for any purpose other than announcing the time and place of an event and the specific topics or title of the event is prohibited. Failure to abide by this standard will result in disciplinary action and removal of the chalked messages.
3. Requests must be made through the Intent to Chalk Form online and submitted to the Director of Student Activities at least three (3) business days prior to chalking.
4. Messages must be written at least 30 feet from the entrance to any building.
5. Messages must be written on horizontal sidewalks and fully exposed to the weather elements.
6. Chalking is not permitted on brick paving surfaces.
7. Messages shall not be written on any vertical surface which includes buildings, signs, walls, pillars, posts, benches, planters, doors, windows, fountains, gates, bridges, trash receptacles, steps, and light posts.
8. Chalking is allowed for five (5) business days. Clean up must be conducted by the responsible party at the conclusion of the 5th working day. If chalking is not totally removed, there will be a charge for clean-up.
9. Water-soluble chalk must be used.