Complaint Procedure

In compliance with Texas Education Requirements, we post the following:

TAC Chapter 19 228.70 “Purpose. Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff shall maintain a process through which a candidate or former candidate in an educator preparation program (EPP), an applicant for candidacy in an EPP, an employee or former employee of an EPP, a cooperating teacher, a mentor, a site supervisor, or an administrator in a public or private school that serves as a site for clinical teaching, internship, or practicum experiences may submit, in accordance with subsection (c)(1) of this section, a complaint about an EPP for investigation and resolution.”

More information is available at the following link:

The Educator Preparation Program of the School of Education at HPU has the following process for compliance with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) procedure for complaints against the Program. This process is for current and former candidates, applicants, current and former employees, cooperating teachers, mentors, site supervisors, and administrators serving in schools where our students are placed for field based experiences.

If a student has a complaint about a particular course or professor, the student should first contact the professor in an effort to resolve the concern. If the student does not find the resolution agreeable, he or she should send a dated, written complaint to the Chair of the Educator Preparation Program. (Please see catalog for appeal process.)

If a local district partner or HPU partner has a complaint about a professor or student in our program, they should first contact the departmental Director of Field Experiences. If the partner does not find the resolution agreeable, he or she should notify the Dean of the Educator Preparation Program. (Please see link to complaint form.)

For any unresolved complaints, please complete the following form and submit to the Dean’s assistant in Suite 110 of Newman Hall for submission to the Dean.

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