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Academics at the El Paso Center

View the associate, bachelor’s and graduate degrees, as well as dual credit options, offered through the HPU El Paso Center.  

Associate Degrees

Associate in Ministry Degree (AM)

The Associate in Ministry program is designed to provide a good foundation in Christian ministry and to prepare students for successful study toward a baccalaureate degree if that is their desire. The 64 credit-hour program is composed of three basic blocks: 26 hours of general education, 30 hours of ministry concentration, and 8 hours of electives

The Associate in Ministry degree is designed so that it can function as a step in ministry education that builds upon the 18-hour Certificate in Ministry Training and becomes a component part of the 124-hour bachelor’s degrees.

Requirements for the Associate in Ministry degree include:

General Education: 26 hours
Ministry Concentration: 30 hours
Electives – Chosen in consultation with advisor: 8 hours

Total Hours in Degree Program: 64 hours

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

This degree offers students with vocational-technical training the opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree. Students may receive credit toward this degree via accredited college-level course work, certain types of professional and educational training, and/or credit by examination.

Majors under the BAAS degree: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, General Studies and Christian Studies.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Management

Students majoring in business administration fields will develop skills in critical thinking, decision making, oral and written communications, and quantitative analysis. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of the underlying theories and practices of business, and nonprofit organizations in the American Free Enterprise System.

Bachelor of Arts in Bible

This degree will give students a solid foundation in biblical studies and is recommended for students who are preparing for future graduate study and/or for vocational ministry.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

This degree prepares students in the field of criminal justice with emphasis on policing, courts, laws, and correctional systems at the local, state, federal and international levels. The restorative emphasis integrates the fields of criminal justice, social work and communication studies.

Master's Degrees

Master's Degree in Theology & Ministry (M.A.T.M.)

HPU’s Master of Arts in Theology & Ministry degree is designed to provide preparation for those who will minister to people through the local church and other related ministries, as well as provide a foundation for further graduate theological education. The curriculum contains a combination of courses that emphasize biblical, theological, and practical application.

Learn more about the M.A.T.M. program.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration degree program is designed to provide preparation for those who desire to further their career goals as managers or area specialists. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an appropriate balance of theory with practical application centered in a Christian servant-leadership model.

Learn more about the MBA program.

Master of Sport and Wellness Leadership (SWELL)

The SWELL program at HPU seeks to prepare future leaders for the $4-trillion sport and wellness industries.

Learn more about the SWELL program.

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