Technology Instruction

HPU's Educator Preparation Program Technology Instruction

Upon admission into the HPU Educator Preparation Program, all students seeking any kind of teacher certification begin a journey of technological learning that culminates in the clinical teaching semester.

In their first pedagogy class, students participate in technology labs that instruct them in the use of various resources.

  • Resources for varied learning styles including Infographics
  • Resources for creating student engagement including Quizzezz and Kahoot
  • Resources for student career development including ePortfolios

In the next pedagogy course, they are taught to incorporate technology in a variety of practical applications.

  • Lesson planning assignments- Utilize some type of presentation software such as Prezi, Explain Everything, or Near Pod
  • First Days Presentation- Utilize their choice of presentation app to create a presentation that they will use with students to introduce themselves during the first days of school
  • Classroom Design- Utilize to design their own personal classroom.

All students seeking teacher certification also take a course about reading in the content areas. Within that class they use technological resources that are consistent with their specific area of certification.

  • Create a text set of short articles and websites relating to their content area. This provides the opportunity to learn where to access relevant resources beyond the textbook.
  • Write a review of literacy resources related to their content area.

At the end of their coursework, education students participate in clinical teaching while they take a capstone technology application course. They extend their learning of technology while applying previous learning in the context of their public school classrooms. Focus points in the capstone course include

  • ThingLink
  • Pixton
  • Explain Everything
  • Infographics Piktochart

In this era of education, it is critical that our educators are equipped to lead in technological advances in the campuses and school districts where they serve. At HPU we are intentionally structuring our curriculum to facilitate a progression of learning and implementation that equips HPU Educator Preparation Program graduates for success!

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