Staff Positions

Positions listed are for the Brownwood campus unless otherwise noted.

Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

The assistant basketball coach is responsible for assisting the head basketball coach in leading, guiding and mentoring the women’s basketball program in a positive Christian manner, including compliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the American Southwest Conference (ASC) regulations. The assistant coach is responsible for accepting delegated tasks from the head basketball coach, recruiting and retaining student-athletes, and instructing the game of basketball. The assistant coach’s responsibilities must align with the goals of a program that contributes to the holistic development of students.

Grounds Supervisor

Manages all operational aspects of the landscaping and grounds maintenance activities for the University’s main campus. Has an extensive working knowledge of Texas native and adaptive plants and how to care for and maintain them.  Participates in the development of policies, procedures, goals, and standards for campus-wide landscaping and grounds maintenance. Supervises Grounds Department staff and contractors, and administers approved budgets and expenditures by performing the Essential Duties and Responsibilities listed in the Job Description.

Part-Time Evening Monitor – New Braunfels Center

The evening facility monitor will be responsible for monitoring the HPU New Braunfels facility during non-regular business hours. This position will monitor the entrance and exit of individuals, the computer lab, the parking lot, and both floors of the facility. In addition, the evening monitor will be responsible for alerting emergency personnel, the director of the center and professors of any potential or immanent emergency situations (e.g., weather, suspicious visitors, injuries, etc.). The evening monitor will welcome and address students, faculty and staff, and visitors with a servant’s heart.

Resident Director – Men’s Residence Hall

The Resident Director (RD) is responsible for leading and guiding the residential community in a positive Christian manner by performing the Essential Duties and Responsibilities and meeting the Physical Requirements listed in the Job Description.
The Resident Director (RD) is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the University’s Residence Life program within his assigned men’s residence hall. The Resident Director is expected to maintain extensive contact with students, including evenings and weekends. The Resident Director should be guided by the mission of Christian higher education, a commitment to the personal development of college students, a commitment to excellence, an orientation to performance, and a high degree of stamina. The RD provides leadership for an environment that contributes to the holistic development of students.
The RD assists with the operations of a residence life program comprised of three resident directors, 20-22 Resident Assistants (RAs), and 750 residents across three residence halls and several apartment and duplex units. The RD oversees operational aspects of his assigned residence hall (Jennings Hall). As an integral position within the Student Life team, the RD supports and administers many student development and residence life functions.
The RD directly supervises student resident assistants; recruits, selects, and trains student resident assistants; coordinates staff meetings; works with campus maintenance and housekeeping departments; manages hall budgets; addresses individual student concerns; develops community within living/learning environments; monitors and enforces published policies; facilitates and/or assists with student conduct meetings; develops co-curricular programming; and manages the residence hall operations. The RD participates in a duty rotation for weekends, holidays, and breaks.
This is a full time, 12 month, live-in position in a men’s residence hall. The RD reports to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students. The RD addresses the needs of residential students and the residential community by performing the following duties.

Systems Administrator/Support Specialist

The Systems Administrator/Support Specialist is responsible for managing and administering selected server systems, personal computer systems, providing systems and personal computer support by performing the Essential Duties and Responsibilities and meeting the Physical Requirements listed in the Job Description.

University Counselor

The Counselor is responsible for leading the counseling services office in a positive Christian manner. The Counselor provides professional counseling services to currently enrolled Howard Payne University students experiencing a variety of difficulties including but not limited to personal awareness, stress, anxiety, relationships, spirituality, grief, anger, substance abuse, physical and/or sexual abuse, depression, trauma, and crisis. The Counselor makes appropriate referrals for services and performs outreach functions. The Counselor must be able to perform the Essential Duties and Responsibilities and meet the physical requirements listed in the Job Description.