HPU New Braunfels announces new scholarship

The Howard Payne University New Braunfels Center recently announced a scholarship of up to $4,000 for students who have completed at least six hours of dual credit courses at HPU.

The scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to students who have been admitted unconditionally to HPU and are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours at the university. Once awarded, recipients must enroll in consecutive semesters to remain eligible. Recipients will be named during the fall semester and will receive the scholarship through the spring semester.

Whitney Hooper, assistant vice president for HPU New Braunfels, said the scholarship will be an important resource for dual credit students who want to continue their education at HPU after graduating high school.

“HPU NB dual credit students not only gain access to scholarships but also save costs by living locally,” said Hooper. “Students can count on tuition being the same each consecutive semester enrolled through the completion of a bachelor’s degree.”

Dual credit describes classes offered to high school students that will count as credit toward an undergraduate degree while fulfilling requirements for their high school coursework.

HPU New Braunfels began offering classes in 2013. Since its founding, the courses offered have expanded to include undergraduate degrees in business administration, Christian studies, criminal justice, general studies, marketing and management, in addition to dual credit options for area high school students. Graduate degrees at HPU New Braunfels include the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Education in Sport and Wellness Leadership.

Registration for summer and fall courses is currently open. Visit www.hputx.edu/nb/apply to apply to HPU New Braunfels or contact newbraunfels@hputx.edu for more information about the dual credit scholarship.


Cutline: HPU New Braunfels has announced a scholarship for students who have completed six or more hours of dual credit courses at HPU.