On Campus Bank Account Request

Before submitting your request for an on campus account please be sure to review all business and financial policies for student organizations by clicking here.

On Campus Banking Request Form
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This form is for organization's Presidents or Treasurers to set up a new on campus bank account through Howard Payne.
We agree to abide by the following policies:

1. I agree to review and educate my organization on the Business & Financial Policies for Student Organizations.

2. All financial requests submitted on Monday will be completed by Friday.

3. The Business Office will review the request and approve or disapprove the expenditure, in light of available funds and the unencumbered balance of the organization's account.

4. All financial request forms should be typed or clearly printed, approved by the Advisor, and submitted to the Business Office with supporting documentation. If the check is to be mailed, the correct address should be printed on the requisition. Reimbursement checks may be picked up in the Office of the Cashier.