SGA Funding

The Student Government Association supports student organizations as they work to create relationships and enhance the social experience of HPU students.  Student organizations that attend SGA meetings and remain in good standing are eligible to apply for SGA grant funds per the policies outlined below.  To apply for these funds, please fill out the Event Request Form.

Event Requirements:

  • The event should be open to all HPU students.
  • Funds received may not be used for competitions between organization (e.g. Homecoming or Spring Sing).
  • Maximum allocation per event per organization is $200.00. The SGA Finance Committee may also choose partially to fund an activity at less than the requested amount.
  • Unused funds must be returned to SGA, along with original receipts (not photocopies) for verification of expenditures.
  • Reimbursement for events is possible, but the maximum allocation still applies and receipts for the event must be submitted with the application for consideration.
  • Monies received from SGA are not to be used for organization fundraisers, unless the activity being planned is a major event and the SGA funding will help lower the admission cost per student.
  • If an event is being co-sponsored by two or more organizations and said organizations also wish to receive SGA funding, each group must complete this funding application.
  • Decision to fund or not fund activities will be based solely on the SGA Finance Committee, working in conjunction with the SGA Advisor.
  • To be eligible for funding, organizations must be registered and in good standing with the Office of Student Activities and be in compliance with attendance expectations of SGA as outlined in the constitution.
  • Organizations that receive a University budget are not eligible for SGA funding.

Funding Provisions for Limited-Membership Organizations

An event not meeting these requirements may qualify for SGA funds under the following provisions:
  1. The hosting organization is classified by the Student Handbook as “Departmental/National-Affiliated” and has a limited membership constituency.
  2. The event is open to all members of that organization’s constituency.

In the case that an event qualifies for funding under these provisions:

  1. The amount of the grant shall not exceed $100;
  2. No limited-membership organization may receive an activity grant more than once within a calendar month.