MATM Course rotation

MATM Course Rotation

Master of Arts in Theology & Ministry

(*denotes modular format)

Fall Even
Spring Odd
Fall Odd
Spring Even
BIB 5331BIB 5311BIB 5321BIB 5341
BIB 5351BIB 5352BIB 5342BIB 53XX*
BIB 5391BIB 5361PTH 5300*CED 6314*
CED 6311*BIB 5391*PTH 5312*PTH 5311*
PTH 5300*BIB 53XX*PTH 5311PTH 5322*
PTH 5311PTH 5331PTH 6321*PTH 5331
PTH 6331*PTH 6312*PTH 6340*PTH 5370*
 PTH 6395YMN 6335 
As Needed: PTH 3380, PTH 5331*

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