Federal Government Documents Collection


Contact: Juanita Sypert Government Documents Specialist
jsypert@hputx.edu or 325-649-8096

Collection Location and Description

The Government Documents Collection is located on the main floor of Walker Memorial Library on the Howard Payne University campus. Established as a U.S. federal depository in 1964, the library currently selects 42% of the United States Government Printing Office (GPO) item numbers available. The collection contains print documents, and more than 100,000 online documents. Walker Memorial Library is a U.S. government depository and does not receive state or international government documents.

Circulation Policies

The paper documents have a 3-week check out period, unless otherwise marked. The public may use the print and online collections any time the Walker Memorial Library is open. Non-HPU patrons will be charged .10 per page for all print outs. The public may check out any print government documents, with a valid HPU library card.

Recommended Federal Government Sites

FDLP LIBGUIDES –  Includes GPO-created guides and community created guides. Continually updated.

Need Statistics?

World Fact Book – provides information on issues for 267 world regions.

U.S. Census Bureau – Provides information on population data and the latest economic indicators.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) – the standard for statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.

Data.gov – Online repository of policies used  throughout the federal government.

Branches of Government & Their Responsibilities

The four pillars of health and ways to support them | Feel Good ...Executive Branch
          The President
          The Vice President
          The Cabinet         
The four pillars of health and ways to support them | Feel Good ...Legislative Branch
          Congressional Record
          House of Representatives
The four pillars of health and ways to support them | Feel Good ...Judicial Branch
          Supreme Court
          District Courts
          Appellate Court

Useful Online Resources

State and Local Agencies

State Government — Texas
Local County Government — Brown County
Local City Government — Brownwood

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