Chapel at HPU

Chapel is an important part of student life at Howard Payne University. Undergraduate students are required to complete six semesters of Chapel to graduate from Howard Payne University.

The mission of Chapel is to provide a community worship experience that promotes personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Chapel services may feature a variety of formats including speakers, music, and programs that present the gospel, encourage spiritual development, promote cultural awareness, explore world events, and recognize academic excellence, service, and leadership in a context that prompts a greater understanding of the Christian faith.

Chapel services are held on Wednesdays during the fall and spring semesters.

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Chapel Schedule

View the Spring 2020 Chapel Schedule. 

Chapel Requirements, Guidelines and Policies

Four semesters of Chapel credits are required to graduate from the university. Students must accumulate fourteen Chapel credits each semester.

While attendance in Chapel is the most widely utilized method of obtaining credit toward graduation, there are other avenues whereby students may satisfy this requirement.

HPU believes in developing a lifestyle of servant leadership within the heart, mind and body of every student. Therefore, the university awards Chapel credits to students who choose to serve through approved Servant Leadership Opportunities. Servant Leadership Opportunities are hours of volunteer service in the community.

The director of the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) maintains a list of approved opportunities available to students and coordinates the Servant Leadership option for Chapel credit.

At the beginning of each semester, the BSM director will hold an orientation session that will explain the Servant Leadership Opportunities.

At the end of the semester, a reflection and learning experience will be required for all students who volunteer through Servant Leadership Opportunities for Chapel credit. Students will also receive credit for attending these essential and mandatory orientation and reflection sessions.

In order to help make Chapel programs more meaningful to those present and to receive credit for attending, the following guidelines should be followed:

To receive Chapel credit, students must arrive on time, have their student ID cards scanned and remain for the entire program.

Students should conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner. This includes being respectful to those on the program, not bringing food or drinks into the service, and not doing anything that would be distracting to others.

Attendance at Chapel is electronically monitored through the bar code attached to the official University Student ID card. Cards will be scanned as students enter the designated meeting location. Students will not receive credit for Chapel attendance if they do not have their ID cards. Students arriving to Chapel after the doors have been closed will not receive credit for attending. Students leaving early will be subject to failure for the entire semester. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that her/his ID card is scanning properly. Damaged ID cards can be replaced in the Office of Student Life.

1. Each student must pass four semesters of Chapel attendance.

2. Each student will receive a Pass/Fail grade based on her/his attendance. The grade has no bearing on the student’s grade point average.

3. There will be no “extra credit” opportunities for Chapel credit. You must earn your 14 attendance credits by attending Chapel or through the Servant Leadership Option highlighted on the “Chapel Attendance Policy” page.

4. All full-time HPU students are required to attend Chapel unless they are 24 years of age or older. Students who turn 24 years old after the first class day of the fall or spring semesters will be required to complete that semester’s Chapel attendance requirements.

5. Should a student fail to accumulate the required number of semester credits to pass Chapel, she/he will not be permitted to graduate. There are no make-ups for missed semesters of Chapel.