Residence Life (Housing)

The residential communities at Howard Payne University provide students with a positive living environment and a supportive framework for personal development. Due to our commitment to the residential experience, students are required to live in the residence halls for four long semesters (i.e. fall and spring semesters) unless students meet one or more of the following exemptions: 1) living with parents, 2) 60 academic credit hours, 3) married, and/or 4) 22 years of age. Students under the age of 17 are not allowed to live in university housing. Students transferring to Howard Payne University from another institution will be granted one semester of residency credit for every 15 hours of approved coursework that transfers.

A housing application/agreement and housing deposit are required for all students who will be living on campus. Students who meet one or more of the exemptions and desire to live off campus must submit a Request for Permission to Live Off Campus form. Students who meet one or more of the exemptions and desire to live on campus must submit a housing application/agreement and housing deposit. Incoming students with 60+ academic credits and/or four long semesters in a residence hall have the option to request housing in a residence hall or campus apartment.

All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a resident meal plan.

Deposit and Roommate Requests – Before a student is assigned a residence hall and room, the student must submit a $100 housing deposit, in addition to the $100 tuition deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, the residence life staff will make housing assignments. HPU strives to honor roommate requests.

Resident Directors and Assistants – A resident director lives in each hall to ensure the smooth operation of the building and assist students with needs that might arise. Resident Assistants (RA) are upperclassmen who live on each wing. These students are trained to help with emergencies and problems.

Housing for the Holidays – Residence halls close for certain holidays and university breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break). Residents are responsible for securing off campus housing during these periods if they choose to remain in Brownwood.

Renter’s Insurance – Students and parents are strongly encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance or check on the transferability of coverage from their home owner’s insurance to cover the student’s personal belongings and safety. Precautions are taken to maintain adequate security in the residence halls; however, the University is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property or personal injury/safety in University housing by fire, water, theft, vandalism, or other causes. Rental insurance policies may vary from one company to another. The following link will direct you to a third-party entity which has conducted extensive research on home owner’s/renter’s insurance policies: The University does not officially endorse this service and is in no way affiliated with this third-party entity.