Department of Public Safety

Department of Public Safety

Howard Payne University’s number one priority is the safety of our campus community and our students. To ensure the safest possible campus, HPU has developed its own fully-functioning Department of Public Safety, including a law enforcement/police division staffed by highly-trained public safety officers (non-sworn officers) and sworn police officers who possess the enforcement and protective authority granted by the State of Texas. These authorities granted by the Texas Education Code allow the university to maintain a safe environment throughout campus and the surrounding areas, particularly the immediate surrounding campus areas, consisting of both residential and commercial developments with student populations. HPU DPS is a fully licensed Public Safety/Police Agency by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education – the State Agency appointed by the Governor to license, set training standards and provide oversight to all law enforcement agencies within the State of Texas. We take very seriously our responsibility to keep our students out of harms’ way and provide the safest atmosphere possible for all of our students, staff, faculty and visitors.


HPU’s Department of Public Safety is on-call 24 hours a day by calling (325) 649-8609. In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Mission Statement

The Howard Payne University DPS’s mission is to support the University and its educational goals and objectives, by providing as safe an atmosphere as reasonably possible and can be expected within the university educational setting. Without a safe and secure environment the university cannot fulfill its goal of educating the leaders of tomorrow. The objective of the HPU DPS is to provide just such an atmosphere by the utilization of a highly visible Public Safety Team of well-trained and experienced Officers who work united in their strive to accomplish these objectives each and every day of the year without regard to any person’s ethnicity, race, religion, gender/sex or political views.

Core Values


The Howard Payne University Department of Public Safety strives for community excellence with the enforcement of all laws without regard to any person’s Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Gender/Sex. All members will conduct all aspects of their duties with absolute impartiality with regard to ethnicity, race, religious preferences, and physical gender/sex. Nothing less than this philosophy shall be tolerated by any and all HPU DPS personnel, regardless of assignment or whether on or off duty.


Officers of the HPU DPS will hold themselves to the highest standards in their conduct on-duty and off-duty. The goal of all members of the Department is to maintain superior performance with the trust and cooperation from the community.


Officers of the Department will hold themselves to the highest morals in both character and appearance while On Duty or Off Duty.


The HPU DPS believes that impartiality is a cornerstone of the relationship between the community and those sworn to protect and serve them. All officers must treat all witnesses, victims and suspects fairly without reference to personal feelings, beliefs or interest.


Officers of the Department are to be honest, forthright and meet all of our ethical and moral standards. To have the moral courage to do what is right without regard for our personal opinions or feelings.


The highest level of excellence is the Department’s standard with regard to all endeavors.


The Department and all personnel shall always remain faithful to our community, our department, and our Core Values.