Parking, Vehicle Registration and Traffic Safety

Parking, Vehicle Registration and Traffic Safety

Policy Statement and Advisement

HPU has enacted the following parking and traffic safety regulations for the safety and security of all persons, as well as to make parking and traffic flow at HPU as efficient as possible. These regulations apply to all students, visitors, staff, and faculty. Voluntary compliance with these regulations is the goal, rather than to assess fines. However, Parking and/or Traffic Safety Citations bearing fines have been authorized and enacted by the Dean of Students and the University Administration to deter violations. Whenever possible, the enforcing officer(s) shall consider unusual circumstances before taking enforcement action(s).

A violator may be issued one of two types of citations: (1) a University Citation or (2) a Texas State Criminal Code Citation by the HPU Dept. of Public Safety.

Due to space limitations, the university is unable to provide close-in parking for all vehicles, therefore parking is on a first-come basis. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking place nor does the perceived lack of parking space justify violation of any parking or traffic safety regulation(s).

All persons who operate motor vehicles on the HPU campus should take note of the following guidelines and policies:

  • Rules and regulations are enforced year round, including weekends, holidays, breaks, and summer.
  • The speed limit on all University property is 10 MPH. Violators may be issued a University Citation for violations.
  • The fact that a citation is not issued when a vehicle is illegally parked does not mean nor imply that the regulation or rule is no longer in effect.
  • HPU is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles parked on or in transit on HPU property.
  • Any vehicle operated or parked on University property must comply with the state registration requirements and display a current vehicle registration sticker and license plates. Additionally, proof of liability insurance must be carried in the vehicle and shown to the HPU Public Safety Officers upon request. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the vehicle being banned from campus.
  • Any inoperable vehicle on the HPU campus may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Throughout the year the campus hosts several special events that require reserved parking for the patrons. This may result in some inconvenience to students, but does not authorize drivers to violate parking regulations.
  • The Cashier’s Office can be contacted during business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday) at 325-649-8013. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and may be contacted at any time by calling 325-649-8609.

Motor Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked at any time on HPU property must display a current parking permit. Permits may not be falsified, transferred to another person or vehicle, forged, or altered. Student permits must be permanently affixed to the outside of the vehicle’s rear window, lower left side. (Permits for convertibles may be placed on the rear bumper, driver’s side.) Motorcycle permits must be displayed in a place upon the motorcycle which is readily visible. Faculty/staff permits should be hung from the rearview mirror.

All fees for parking permits are set by the University. All parking permits must be obtained at the Cashier’s Office.

Purchasing a new vehicle or changing from the vehicle originally registered requires a replacement permit, which may be obtained from the Cashier’s Office free of charge if the remains of the original permit are returned; otherwise, a replacement fee of $5.00 is required.

Temporary permits for extenuating circumstances are available upon request at the Cashier’s Office. There is no charge for a temporary permit; however, these will be issued for a maximum of 30 days. If another vehicle is being used for longer than 30 days, a permanent permit must be purchased.

Only one current HPU parking permit per vehicle is allowed.

Parking Permits and Regulations

Main Campus (MC) – Parking is allowed in clearly designated/lined spaces in all lots and along all public and private streets throughout the campus. No parking is allowed in any designated visitor parking space by anyone other than visitors to the campus. Visitors are defined as persons who are not students, staff, or faculty of HPU.


Motorcycle (M) – Parking allowed in any designated/lined space campus wide (excluding visitor spaces), and at any location designated as motorcycle only parking.
Handicap (H) – Only vehicles with Federal or State handicap license plates or parking placards (hang tags) may park in University designated handicap spaces. The HPU Dept. of Public Safety reserves the right to inquire as to the rightful owner of disabled placards or disabled license plates and to request proof of ownership if deemed necessary (in accordance with state law). Per Texas State Statute, the individual to whom the Handicap Placard was issued MUST be in the vehicle when it is being parked for the placard to be used for parking in restricted/designated areas.
Long-Term Visitor (V) – Parking Permits for Long-Term Visitors (defined as any visitor’s vehicle which shall regularly be parked on University property in excess of a 48 hour or two-day time frame) may be obtained from the University Cashier’s Office. There shall be no fee for these types of permits.

If a parking space or area is designated for Faculty, Staff, or Official Use, students MAY NOT park within these designated areas.

A student parking space is defined by a white or yellow line on both sides of the vehicle space and are affixed to the surface of the parking lot. If the area is not striped/lined as a parking space, then it IS NOT a parking space. Further, areas designated as Safety Zones (areas located at the end of a parking row as to allow fire apparatus the ability to maneuver down the row) may be designated by stripes and/or posted signs.

Handicap Parking Spaces or Access Areas shall be identified by a posted sign displaying wording so designating the restriction and/or by the displaying of the international handicap symbol and/or by striping or wording affixed to the parking lot surface.

Shuttle Service

HPU provides a shuttle service throughout the main campus and east campus. Shuttle routes, times, and stops can be obtained from the University website and posted flyers.

Campus Visitors

A visitor is defined as one who has no affiliation, association, or relationship with HPU as a student or employee. Currently enrolled HPU students are never considered visitors. Students who are driving a vehicle other than the one registered to them via the University Cashier’s Office, even if on a temporary basis, must obtain a Temporary Parking Permit from the University Cashier’s Office.

  • Visitors to HPU should be given parking guidance by the person or organization inviting them to campus.
  • Visitors using vehicles that have a current HPU parking permit must comply with the rules and regulations that apply to that permit.
  • Visitors should be encouraged to use the shuttle service when traveling to multiple HPU properties to minimize disruption of campus parking.
  • Visitor lots and/or parking spaces are open from 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. every day. No overnight parking is allowed in visitor spaces unless approval is obtained from HPU Dept. of Public Safety. This regulation is enacted to help prevent non-HPU related parking within the limited parking spaces that the University is able to provide.

University Parking and Traffic Safety Fines

Students are responsible for any citation issued to their vehicle. Fines not paid by the violator (or a request for an appeal filed) within TEN (10) working/business days of the date of issuance of the citation shall automatically be charged to the registered student’s account, or in the case of an unregistered vehicle, the operator or registered owner of the vehicle shall be responsible for the violation and all fines that may be charged for the violation. Fines may be paid at the Cashier’s Office (Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., excluding University holidays).

University Parking and Traffic Safety Violations
Parking and Safety Enforcement is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The more severe and dangerous the violation, the greater the fine amount for such violation(s). The violation for which a person is charged shall be plainly stated on the citation(s) issued for the offense(s).

$35Failure to Display Parking Permit
$35Display of Expired Permit or Improperly Affixed Permit
$35Improper Parking or Not Parked in Defined Limits of Parking Space
$35Parked After Posted Lot Closing Time
$35Parked Overtime in Time-Limited Zone
$35Unauthorized Parking or Stopping in a Visitor or Reserved Parking Space
$35Other Violation–indicated by Issuing Officer
$50Double Parking, Obstruction of Traffic, or Parking in Traffic Lane
$50Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device–cones, barricades, etc.
$50Parked in Designated “No Parking Zone” or “Designated Safety Zone”
$75Reuse of Old Citation to Avoid New or Additional Citation
$75Vehicle Traveling at Unsafe Speed or Reckless Driving on HPU Property
$100Unlawful Parking in Fire Lane
$150Unlawful Parking in a Designated Handicap Parking Space/Access Space

Persons in receipt of a citation should read the citation very carefully to determine if it is a “University Citation” or a citation issued for a violation of State Statute/Law. “State Citations” are those issued by Texas Peace Officers for violations of State Statute or City Ordinance. For disposition responsibility and fines for “State Citations” the recipient must contact the Court designated on the citation.


All University Citations issued by the HPU Dept. of Public Safety Officers may be appealed. However, if the recipient of the citation chooses to appeal, he/she must file an appeal within TEN (10) working/business days of the date of the citation, excluding University holidays.

Appeals are processed ONLY during business hours and must be filed in person at the Office of Student Life (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday). A telephone call or email DOES NOT constitute an appearance.

Appeals will be reviewed by the Dean of Students. Consult the Student Handbook and University Catalog for additional information regarding the appeals process. Results of the appeal will be sent via one or more of the following methods: campus mail, U.S. mail, or e-mail.

Immobilized (Booted) or Towed Vehicles

Vehicles that have been charged with three or more citations may be immobilized or impounded/towed with all towing fees being the sole responsibility of the vehicle’s owner/operator. There is a $50 service charge to release an immobilized (booted) vehicle.

The University shall not, nor shall any of its authorized personnel, be liable or assume any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from a vehicle being immobilized (booted) or towed.
The payment of fines for University Citations does not remove citations from the record. Citations accumulate during the academic year.

Vehicles illegally parked (regardless of number of violations) are subject to being immobilized or towed when parked in or obstructing a fire lane, reserved space, handicap or handicap access space, overtime in a loading zone, blocking another vehicle in a parking space, or blocking a driveway, aisle, entry or exit to any parking area.

If a vehicle has been towed or immobilized, the individual seeking release of the vehicle may obtain the necessary information from the HPU Dept. of Public Safety by calling 325-649-8609.

Disciplinary Action for Excessive Parking or Traffic Safety-Related Violations

An indefinite number of University Parking or Traffic Safety related citations will not be tolerated.
Upon receipt of the fifth University Citation, parking privileges shall be immediately suspended pending a review by the Director of University Public Safety. The Director shall send a formal recommendation to the Dean of Students for final determination. If the Dean of Students elects to suspend or permanently revoke the parking privileges of the habitual violator, then the violator shall at that time be notified to surrender their parking permit.

Failure to comply with the terms of the suspension, or continued receipt of citations may result in an additional $100.00 fine along with the offense fine(s), immediate towing, and further administrative disciplinary action by the Dean of Students.

Residence Hall Move In/Out Procedures

Special loading/unloading areas will be designated for major timeframes of residence hall “move in” and “move out” by temporary signs erected by the University DPS. Visitors/parents and students are expected to show courtesy to others by moving vehicles from these zones into other authorized parking spaces as soon as possible. Vehicles are forbidden from driving or parking on sidewalks or grass at any time. Violators are subject to receiving a University Citation and having their vehicles towed at owner’s expense. Once the temporary signs are removed, regular parking rules will be enforced.

Miscellaneous Information

  • All persons should lock their vehicles while parked on campus.
  • Personal safety escorts to and from vehicles are available from the DPS upon request.
  • Theft of, damage to, or accidents involving vehicles should be reported to DPS immediately.
  • Theft of or damage to personal property or property owned by HPU (while on campus) should be reported to the DPS immediately.
  • All lost and found items should be reported to and turned over to DPS as soon as possible.
  • Students may not leave their vehicle on HPU property during a semester in which they are not enrolled (including summer). Such vehicles may be towed.
  • Student may at any time enter the parking lot to make use of their private vehicles as a place to study or talk privately with others. If the vehicle is a truck or SUV, they may sit on its tailgate to study or talk with others. Students may take advantage of this privilege at any hour they wish so long as they are not engaging in criminal activity or becoming involved in inappropriate behavior. Students are not permitted to sit in/on or touch vehicles which they do not own without authorization or the owner, nor may they loiter aimlessly or suspiciously in the parking lots. Public Safety officers may question students and request to see HPU ID cards.

Special Regulations

  • Special temporary disabled/handicap permits may be obtained from the Cashier’s Office with specific approval by the Director of University Public Safety. In all cases the applicant shall present for review and verification the prescribing physician’s certificate stating the disability, necessity for special privileges, and length of disability. The special permit is a University Issued Permit and ONLY allows parking in all student, faculty, and staff areas and visitor lots. It DOES NOT allow parking in designated State Handicap Spaces or Access Areas (where State of Texas Permits are required by State Statute/Law), Reserved Spaces, Fire Lanes, or Time-Restricted Parking Zones/Spaces/Areas.
  • All buses, RV’s, trailers, and boats must obtain permission from DPS before parking on HPU property. No permanent parking allowed for these types of vehicles.