Schedule of classes and forms for admitted students

Schedule of Classes and Forms for Admitted Students


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Follow this link to access the Current Schedule of Classes

Enrollment Forms for New Students

  • – Required only if applicable. This FAFSA application is required along with the Graduate Program Financial Aid Application if the student intends to apply for financial aid. The student is responsible for contacting the financial aid office directly.
  • Graduate Application for Financial Aid  – Required if applying for financial aid. Available in the HPU GATEWAY Portal once student accounts have been setup.
  • VETERANS must submit a Certificate of Eligibility prior to enrolling in courses. Please contact Celeste Justice at 325-649-8620 or email

Verification of Enrollment and Course Completion

  • If you will receive employer tuition reimbursement, please complete and submit the verification form.
  • Students who will receive employer tuition reimbursement, and are required to submit proof of enrollment to their employer, must submit this form to the MBA office in order to receive enrollment verification.
  • Verification will include the course description, number of credit hours enrolled and/or earned, cost per credit hour, total course cost and course status and/or grade.  If additional information is needed, please provide details.
  • Because of strict FERPA laws, the MBA Office will only provide documentation directly to the student and it will be the student’s responsibility to provide employer with required documentation. Records requested to be sent directly to an employer must be requested through the Office of the Registrar.

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