Resume Guide

Resume Guide

Your resume is a written introduction of yourself in regard to your experience and qualifications. It may go through many channels and will pass through many hands. The person who reads the resume and makes a decision of whether or not to contact you is often a total stranger. Therefore, your resume may be considered a first impression and should be prepared as such. The following tips are intended to help you prepare a document which will introduce yourself in the best possible manner.

1. Limit the length to two (2) typewritten pages. This will be a great aid to those who recommend you and who may need to make more copies.

2. Save the resume to your computer or flash drive. Your resume is never a finished product, but will need periodic revisions throughout your ministry.

3. Have a photograph on or attached to the resume. Resumes with photographs get much more attention than those without photographs.

4. Think of the quality of appearance when you choose paper, a printer, and a copier.

5. Ask someone who pays attention to details to proofread your resume. Also take the time to proofread the resume yourself, as there may be mistakes in information which you alone could catch.

6. Bring your resume to a Christian Studies professor. He or she will be happy to read your resume and to set up an appointment to review your resume with you.

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