Master of Education in Sport and Wellness Leadership

About the SWELL Program

What is the goal of SWELL?

The SWELL program seeks to provide kingdom-focused leadership, knowledge and skills for those interested in furthering career opportunities in the world of sports and wellness.


Worldwide, the sport and wellness industries represent highly visible and significant opportunities for impacting quality of life, accounting for more than $4 trillion of investment by individuals, corporations and communities. Unlike graduate programs that may focus on one or the other, we think core knowledge and skill sets are adaptable to both settings. Consequently, graduates may find greater career flexibility and opportunity for service, enriched by Howard Payne University’s faith tradition and holistic emphasis.

What will SWELL allow students to do?

 1. Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to sport and wellness leadership challenges.

2. Cultivate an ethical knowledge and skill framework to leverage sport and wellness for greater good to society.

3. Understand sport and wellness in societal contexts; resource allocation and development; legal and ethical aspects of program leadership; program promotion, marketing and public relations; processes of change and current issues impacting the sport and wellness industries.

4. Pursue practical experiential research and event management experiences to serve as foundation for sound decision-making and program development.

5. Prepare for doctoral study and/or professional employment in interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics, professional sport, youth sport, sport facility management, sport marketing and communication, campus recreation, private recreation, corporate wellness, community wellness, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, health coaching and related settings.

How is SWELL structured?

The program consists of 10 courses totaling 30 graduate hours and can be completed in 20 months. Two courses are offered in each of five consecutive terms (fall, spring, summer, fall and spring). Courses are scheduled for two 8-week sessions each fall and spring. Summer courses will run the entire summer sessions. All coursework is delivered online.

What are program tuition and fees?

The SWELL program of studies is the most affordable master’s degree in the state of Texas for professionals entering or employed in the sport and wellness industries. Tuition is $610 per credit hour plus program fees of $500 to support experiential learning. Additional expenses involve texts, subscriptions and professional membership dues. In addition, limited campus housing and board plans are available.

Are there graduate assistantships available?

Graduate assistantships are available in the KIN Department, the HPU Wellness Program and Athletics. Stipends vary but they are renewable for the 20-month program duration. These positions are competitive and require a separate application. Awards are made prior to the fall semester of course enrollment.

What are the curriculum and schedule of the courses offered?

KIN 5301 – Leadership Studies in Sport/Wellness

KIN 5302 – Resource Management in Sport/Wellness

KIN 5303 – Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport/Wellness

KIN 5304 – Legal Foundations of Sport/Wellness

KIN 5305 – Public Relations in Sport/Wellness

KIN 5306 – Contemporary Issues in Sport/Wellness

KIN 5311 – Event Planning and Design

KIN 5312 – Event Implementation and Management

KIN 5316 – Research in Sport/Wellness

KIN 5320 – SWELL Leadership Capstone

What is the application process?

Full consideration for admission will be given to candidates with a baccalaureate degree and a major or minor in Exercise and Sport Science, Kinesiology, Sport Administration, Wellness or a related field and an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. If the baccalaureate degree is outside of the above-mentioned fields, candidates may be required to enroll in leveling courses or document relevant academic/professional experience prior to entering with their cohort.

International students must submit TOEFL scores, unless baccalaureate degree was obtained from a US/UK institution. Transfer students may apply up to six (6) semester hours of relevant graduate coursework, at the discretion of the university. Candidates who are employed must provide a letter of support from their immediate supervisor.

To apply, submit (1) the application for admission (Click here for application), (2) official copies of all undergraduate (and graduate, if applicable) coursework/transcripts, (3) a 500-word statement addressing your professional goals, how the SWELL program can benefit you and what your experiences to date may contribute to your cohort, and (4) two letters of recommendation or one letter and your employer support letter (if applicable) to:

SWELL Program Admissions
School of Education
Howard Payne University
1000 Fisk Street
Brownwood, TX 76801


Any questions about the program can be sent to Dr. Shannon Sims at

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