School of Science & Mathematics

About HPU's School of Science & Mathematics

Howard Payne University’s School of Science and Mathematics seeks to provide students with the scientific background needed to function in an increasingly technical world. Emphasis is given to training students to become scientists, to enter professional schools of medicine and related fields, and to teach the sciences.

The university’s distinct Christian worldview and commitment to the service of God and humanity are evident throughout all of the programs within the School of Science and Mathematics.


Teacher Certification

Teacher certification at the secondary-level is available.


Students applying for admission to the School of Science & Mathematics may also choose to apply for admission to the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy. Providing an innovative approach to the academic program, the Academy enables students to combine their specialized major with coursework grounded in an understanding of the American free enterprise system.


There are a number of scholarships, grants and loans available through the university’s Office of Financial Aid.

Additionally, departmental scholarships are available for HPU students who are already enrolled in their major.

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