IV. Enhancing the Student Experience Through Transformed Spaces

Strategic Goal 1

Create community spaces that serve the student experience and relationship building by:

Strategic Actions

  • building outdoor community spaces to encourage gathering, including outdoor technology and charging stations and a revamped Jacket Golf course;
  • modernizing and renovating student resident halls, expanding on-campus apartment opportunities, and creating tiered residence hall options;
  • creating and improving student options for socialization and dining across campus and with community partners;
  • creating campus pathways that match the flow of activity, focus foot traffic, and invite community participation; and
  • beginning efforts to reorient campus buildings to face the center of campus, directing traffic flow to better facilitate a community focus.

Strategic Goal 2

Rearrange, redesign and renovate classrooms for best practice in pedagogy by:

Strategic Actions

  • renovating science labs and addressing other program-specific needs; and
  • continuing to redesign and update classroom spaces.

Strategic Goal 3

Modernize, update and build athletic facilities to support student success by:

Strategic Actions

  • installing lights for all outdoor athletic facilities; and
  • creating additional athletic competition venues and practice facilities on campus.