III. Enhancing the Student Experience Through Innovative Teaching and Learning

Strategic Goal 1

Develop new and innovative academic programs with growth potential by:

Strategic Actions

  • appointing a task force of faculty across disciplines to research market trends and to consider new academic programs; and
  • appointing a task force to explore the growth of strategic online programs to meet student needs and reach students unable to attend classes on campus.

Strategic Goal 2

Evaluate and improve academic programs by:

Strategic Actions

  • developing a core of general education that creates a “spine” of academic support;
  • conducting a holistic review of each school and program as well as the organization of schools and departments through the Office of Academic Affairs;
  • engaging students in academic research and applied research as appropriate to their fields of study; and
  • enlisting faculty with strong academic credentials who fit the mission of HPU and who desire to make meaningful connections with students.

Strategic Goal 3

Create professional development opportunities for leadership and for training and equipping faculty with best practice in pedagogy by:

Strategic Actions

  • establishing a center for teaching and learning excellence that emphasizes and supports the pedagogical development of faculty and innovative practice;
  • standardizing a faculty evaluation process that is connected to the University mission and the Strategic Plan 2023-2028, along with training for evaluators; and
  • providing funds for faculty to innovate in the classroom by seeking grants and by reallocating current resources.