II. Enhancing the Student Experience Through Enrollment Growth and Student Support

Strategic Goal 1

Create a campus culture of all personnel as new student recruiters by:

Strategic Actions

  • enhancing relationships between Office of Admissions and faculty for targeted program recruiting events and contact with prospective students;
  • developing enrollment pipelines with alumni and friends in churches, with high school counselors, and with local educators;
  • connecting prospective students with current students at recruiting events;
  • emphasizing the value of Christ-centered education at HPU;
  • developing enrollment goals by program along with a readily available tool for up-to-date status on recruiting numbers; and
  • increasing scholarships for new students so all academic departments have at least one scholarship for prospective students.

Strategic Goal 2

Create a campus culture that re-recruits current students by:

Strategic Actions

  • developing a culture of student-centered support with all campus offices by reviewing processes and systems from a student perspective and making changes for greater efficiency and service to students;
  • increasing scholarships for returning students;
  • developing a student advisory council to advise faculty and staff on retention-related matters;
  • creating an exit interview process for students who leave the University prior to graduation and sharing results with faculty and staff; and
  • providing more counseling opportunities for students.