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Four-Year Award

Annual Award

Semester Award

*Eligibility/Renewal Criteria

Gen. MacArthur Honors ScholarFull-TuitionFull-TuitionFull-Tuition(Top 10% at an Accredited High School or 3.80 GPA) AND (ACT of 29 OR SAT of 1350 OR CLT 91) 3.25 Cumulative GPA required for renewal. A maximum of 5 awards to incoming first-time freshmen will be made.
Honors Academy Scholar




(Top 25% at an Accredited High School or 3.40 GPA) AND
(ACT 24 OR SAT 1160 OR CLT 76) Transfer students are eligible with a GPA of 3.40 from their previous institution. 3.25 Cumulative GPA required for renewal. Awards are limited.

Awards listed above are total amounts that include the student’s HPU merit scholarship (Presidential, Dean’s).

Please note that only 25 students will be admitted each year. The deadline for priority consideration is February 1. All applicants must be interviewed by the Honors Academy Admissions Committee. Priority notifications will be made by February 15. Students must pre-schedule classes by April 10 to hold their slots.

NOTE: There is no hard deadline for application. Applications received after February 1 will be considered, with admission decisions made on a rolling basis until 25 awards are made. Students may be placed on a wait-list.

Scholarship Renewal: (1) All students must maintain a cumulative 3.25 GPA, and Scholars Level (junior/senior) students must maintain a 3.25 GPA in the Academy Curriculum. (2) Students must maintain satisfactory progress toward their Honors Academy degrees, which includes enrolling in and passing required courses each semester. (3) Students must abide by all rules and regulations of the Honors Academy Student Handbook. Failure to meet any of these standards may result in suspension or expulsion from the Honors Academy program.

Please see the link at the left for further information about the Application and Admission process, including mandatory application essays and interviews.

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