cost of Attendance

Howard Payne University sets up a budget that includes tuition, fees, meal-plan, residence hall, and miscellaneous expenses (books, travel, and other). Your billing statement will not show all of these miscellaneous expenses. HPU has levelized payment plans and financing can be arranged.

Students may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Estimated Undergraduate Costs (Applicable to the Brownwood Campus only)

2023-2024 Costs  Semester  Annual
Tuition (Block Charges)$15,351$30,702
 Student Services Fees $ 2,215 $4,430*
 12-Meal Plan $ 2,700 $ 5,400**
 Residence Halls $ 2,250 $ 4,500***
 Estimated Totals $22,516 $45,032****
The above are estimated costs.
Note: These figures represent costs prior to funding from any financial aid sources.
*Campus ID card, Campus Technology, Health Services, Tutoring, etc.
**Meal plan rates do not include sales tax. Cost varies depending on meal plan selected. Ask about other meal plans available.
***Apartment and duplex rates vary; additional charges for private room in residence halls
****Miscellaneous fees books are not reflected in the above figures.